Affiliation Configuration

Administrators can customize the way the affiliation roster is displayed to staff, the way information flows between affiliated accounts, and the affiliation experience in Community Hub.

Affiliation Roster

Administrators can customize the logo and address information on the top of the affiliation roster, the fields shown on the affiliation roster, and the fields displayed when the roster is printed.

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Information Flow Down

Administrators can customize which addresses flow from parent to children accounts when information flow down occurs. Additionally, your association can provide a totally unique information flow down, or even flow up, behavior between affiliated accounts using a custom flow down manger Apex class. A custom flow down manager can be created through development effort, and administrators can make those custom rules available when setting up a membership type so all new memberships of that type use your custom flow down behavior.

Affiliations in Community Hub

Administrators can customize the affiliation experience for your constituents in Community Hub.

Customizing Duplicate Record Checking

Administrators can enable or disable duplicate record checking to have full control over:

  • Whether individuals see the Add Affiliation page when affiliating themselves to a company
  • Whether company mangers see the Add Affiliation page when affiliating a company location to their company
  • Whether company managers see the Add Individual page when affiliating individuals with their company 

Administrators can also configure whether exact or similar results are shown, and can customize the fields displayed in the search results.

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