Affiliation Processing

To streamline your affiliation management, staff and constituents can work with affiliations in Staff View and Community Hub.

Primary contact, company manager, and primary affiliation designations provide insights into a company contact, grant individuals ability to manage their company in Community Hub and control how information flows down from parent companies to affiliated individuals and company locations.

Primary Contact

To help call out the main point of contact within a constituent company, you can set an affiliated individual to be the primary contact. The information for the primary contact is added to the company account, and is useful when creating analytics, workflows, or integrations with other apps such as an email marketing app. If your association uses authorized email domains, to ensure security, the email address of the primary contact is checked when a company manager is affiliating their company with the primary contact's company. Learn more.

Also, the company affiliation does not have to be an individual's primary affiliation for them to be the primary contact for the company.

Company Manager

Individuals who are affiliated with a company can also be a company manager and can act on behalf of their organization in Community Hub to do things like:

  • Update their company demographic information
  • Manage their company roster and the roster of any child company locations
  • Create, edit, or remove individuals for their company or company locations
  • Create, edit, or remove company locations 
  • Pay off an outstanding company invoice

Company mangers can manage child company locations and individuals under their primarily affiliated company, as well as those under a child company location. Company mangers can manage all affiliations to their company, and below. Thus, if someone is a company manager of a company location, they cannot mange the affiliations for the parent company.

Primary Affiliations

An account can be affiliated to many accounts, but can only have one primary affiliation. The primary affiliation represents an individual's relationship to the company from which information flows down. Staff and constituents can view the constituent's primary affiliation and change is at any time, and the previously primary affiliation will be updated to no longer be primary, ensuring the individual is only primarily associated to one company.

The name of the parent company account displays in Primary Affiliation on the individual or company location account.

Information Flow Down

When working with primary affiliations, it's important to understand how information flows from a parent (company) account to child (individual or company) accounts. Affiliations connect accounts as parents or children of each other and information flow down is used to automatically update child account information when parent account information is updated.

For example: for a trade association, membership status may automatically flow down from a member company to its affiliated individual employees and company locations. Thus, when the membership status of the parent account changes, the membership status of all affiliated child accounts change as well.

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Affiliations in Staff View

Staff can create affiliations between individual and companyaccounts which can affect the automatic flow down of information from the parent to a child account. Staff can also make an affiliated individual the primary contact for a company, as well as a company manager, allowing them to act on the company's behalf in Community Hub.

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Affiliations in Community Hub

In Community Hub individuals can view, create, edit, or remove their own personal affiliations. Additionally, company managers can also view, create, edit, or remove affiliations to individuals and company locations on behalf of their company using a roster.

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