Affiliations in Staff View

Staff can create affiliations between individual and companyaccounts which can affect the automatic flow down of information from the parent to a child account. Staff can also make an affiliated individual the primary contact for a company, as well as a company manager, allowing them to act on the company's behalf in Community Hub.

Managing the Primary Affiliation of an Account

To quickly manage the primary affiliation of an Primary Affiliation using the account.

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Nimble AMS, Staff View, Account, Person Account Detail

Managing Multiple Affiliations

Staff can create, edit, remove, and manage the affiliations of an Primary Affiliation  from the Parent Affiliations and Child Affiliations related lists. For each individual affiliation, staff can set the individual as a primary contact for the company and/or a company manager.

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An Individual's Affiliations

Nimble AMS, Staff View, Account, Parent Affiliations Related List

A Company's Affiliations

Nimble AMS, Staff View, Account, Child Affiliations Related List

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