Cash Billing

Cash billing is a term used to describe the ability to track who has been billed in a non-accounting manner. Cash billing does not track income or accounts receivable transactions, and there is no accounting impact until payment is received. This differs from more traditional accounting methods where income and accounts receivable transactions can be recognized at billing. Using cash billing, on the other hand, associations can track members who have been billed and the amount that has been billed to each with no accounting impact until payment is received. 

Some common areas where cash billing is utilized are membership renewals (and supporting products, such as donations and subscriptions) and program renewals.

Nimble AMS does not currently support cash billing for subscriptions.

Creating Cash Billing Carts

Many associations have a need to create multiple bills based on a set criteria, such as the membership or program type and end date. By creating cash bills using these criterion, association staff can create multiple bills and have historical records for each, process and report on renewals quickly, and provide a simple renewal process to constituents. Nimble AMS represents cash bills as Carts created for each renewal involved in the cart creation. These cash bill carts are available to be processed by staff, or within Community Hub when constituents are ready.

Creating cash bill carts usually requires the use of reports to analyze any pre and post billing to ensure the billing is accurate based on your business process and rules.

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