2017-06-26_18-45-56_Community Hub Company Management Pilot—Spring '17

PilotPilot — New feature available to a limited set of customers who are closely monitored. Potential Pilot customers are identified early in the process. The purpose of a pilot feature is to gather feedback and data on product functionality, scalability, performance, and usability, which influences the direction, continued development, or roll out of the feature.

Community Hub account management is expanded with new functionality for managing company accounts. With the new Community Hub Company Management feature, constituents identified as a "manager" for their affiliated company now have a central place to view and manage all of the company demographic as well as the roster of affiliated individuals and locations. Company managers have a new Company Snapshot page that brings all of the key and critical company demographics to a single page. From the Company Snapshot page, a company manager is also empowered to manage different aspects of the company. They can update any of the company's key demographics on the new Edit Company page as well as have access to the new Company Roster page. These new pages give company managers the tools they need to help the association in keeping their parent company up to date and current. For associations with deep and complex company management needs, Community Hub can be further extended with company specific navigation and additional company based pages. This feature is a must have for all trade associations.

What's New?

  • The Company Snapshot Page have been added to Community Hub so company managers can get a high level view or "snapshot" of the company demographic information you choose, like company name, contact information, and profile photo. The Company Snapshot page is the central place to manage a parent company account with easy access to view, edit, and manage the company's key demographics as well as the company roster.
  • The Edit Company Page in Community Hub has been added so company managers can edit their company information and settings.
  • The Company Roster Page has been added to Community Hub so company managers can view the affiliations for their company as well as the affiliations for company locations. Learn More.
  • Want more? you can expand the Company Management functionality using Community Hub components. The Company Snapshot page may be the home for managing a company, but it can be further extended using Community Hub components. For associations with robust and complex company management needs, Community Hub can be extended to include company specific navigation on pages so you can do things like split some of the company demographics to multiple pages for simplified management.
  • The following components have been added to Community Hub to make this all happen:

How Do I Enable it?

  • Contact your NimbleUser customer success manager to find out how you can enroll in this pilot feature.

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