Community Hub Donations - Pilot

PilotPilot — New feature available to a limited set of customers who are closely monitored. Potential Pilot customers are identified early in the process. The purpose of a pilot feature is to gather feedback and data on product functionality, scalability, performance, and usability, which influences the direction, continued development, or roll out of the feature.

Community Hub donations provides additional opportunities for your association to solicit donations. With a standalone donations checkout page, constituents can make a donation without having to create an account or login. They can also select a donation amount and provide additional information about the gift. Your association can link to the checkout page directly from your website to provide an easier path for constituents to make donations. A Donate page has been added within Community Hub that lists your association's causes in order to encourage users to make a donation.

What's New?

How Do I Enable It?

  • Contact your NimbleUser customer success manager to find out how you can enroll in this pilot feature.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Standalone donations submitted in Community Hub are made to, and payments processed by, the entity set on the donation product and do not support Entity Crossovers at this time. Learn more about Entity Crossovers.

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