2017-10-18_19-03-03_Community Hub Featured Products - Beta

BetaBeta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new features have been thoroughly tested but may still have some bugs. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

The Community Hub store has been infused with new functionality as well as with a variety of additional enhancements to improve the user experience. Users can now browse the Community Hub store using new filter buttons in addition to the existing store category (often referred to as "departments") radio button filters. By default, Nimble AMS includes new filter buttons for "Featured Products" as well as for "All Products". In addition, administrators can configure additional customizable data sources and filters to display in the Community Hub store that make sense for your association. You could easily craft additional filter buttons for things such as "New Products", "Popular Products", or "Sale Products". The Community Hub store merchandise product card has also been enhanced with a field set, empowering administrators to adjust the fields they would like to display for each product in the store.

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