Create a Query

A query contains the pieces of information needed to retrieve desired information in Nimble AMS.

  1. In the tab bar, click App Launcher, or in Salesforce Classic, click   Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, All Tabs
  2. Click Queries.
  3. Click New.
  4. In Query Name, enter an easily recognizable term to identify this query written in Pascal Case.
  5. In SELECT, enter the fields you want returned by your query, separated by a comma.
  6. In SObject, enter the name of the object from which you want the fields queried.
  7. Optionally, in WHERE, enter the conditions that must be met in order for records to be returned by your query.
  8. Optionally, in ORDER BY, enter how you would like the resulting records to be ordered.
  9. Optionally, in LIMIT, enter the number maximum number of records to be returned by your query.

    LIMIT is set by default to 50,000, which is the maximum number of results Salesforce will return to a query. It's recommended that you set the value to 50,000 or below, since there will be an error if more than 50,000 results are found.

  10. Click Save.

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