Credit Card Issuers

In Nimble AMS, credit card issuers are the credit card networks your association accepts for payment. Nimble AMS includes American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and Visa® as preset credit card issuers.

Your administrator can set up additional credit card issuers, if needed.

When you set up a credit card issuer, you provide the following information:

  • The name. For example, Discover
  • A regular expression that defines the credit card's valid number format. 
  • The error message that displays if an invalid card number is entered. 
  • A link to an image resource for the logo of the credit card issuer. 
  • A regular expression that defines how to recognize the credit card. 

To learn more about regular expressions, search regular expression in your favorite search engine.

For each entity your association has set up in Nimble AMS, you can set the specific credit card issuers that are available by setting up entity credit card issuers.    

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