Deferred Revenue Methods

In Nimble AMS, staff need to setup a deferred revenue method and attach it to a productin order to record revenue in a deferred GL account until the recognition date occurs. A deferred revenue method can be configured for membership, registration, or subscription revenue.In this section, you will find information and steps for working with deferred revenue methods.

Deferred Revenue Method Record Types

The record type of your deferred revenue method must match the type of revenue you are deferring. The types of deferred revenue supported by Nimble AMS are:

  • Membership
  • Registration
  • Subscription

Key Fields on a Deferred Revenue Method

Deferred Schedule Calculator Class

A Deferred Schedule Calculator Class is used to calculate a deferred schedule. If left blank, the standard deferred schedule calculator will be used. This is available to all deferred revenue method record types.

Membership Recognition

The Membership Recognition is used for Membership to determine when revenue will be recognized.

  • Straightline—takes an equal amount of the recognition for each deferral, for a length of a term until all revenue is recognized.
  • All On Start Date—recognizes all of the deferred amount at once on the first day of the term.

Event Recognition

The Event Recognition is used for Events to determine when registration revenue will be recognized.

  • End Date
  • Event End Month
  • Event Start Month
  • Start Date
  • X Days from Start Date

Days From Event Start Date

The number of days after the event start date that deferred revenue will be recognized. The Days From Event Start Date is required when the Event Recognition is set to X Days from Start Date.


In Nimble AMS, a deferred revenue method is tied to a product. The Deferred Revenue Method is not required, and is populated by staff. The product type record and and deferred revenue method need to relate. For example, a subscription product must use a subscription deferral method.

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