Donate Now Page

On the Donate Now page, constituents can make a one-time donation toward a specific fund and sometimes, toward a specific appeal.
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Page URL

The URL used to browse to the Donate Now page determines the donation product, and thus, the donation fund to which constituents can give.

Log in Message

If constituents are not logged into Community Hub, a message is shown at the top of the page prompting them to log in or create an account so they can be credited with their gift. If constituents choose not to use and account, they can proceed without logging in.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Page, Donate Now, Log In Message

Choosing a Donation Amount

Constituents can click a suggested donation amount or can click Other Amount to enter a custom amount.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Donation Amount

Entering Donation Information

Constituents can provide information around their donation, such as, whether the gift should be reported as anonymous. Staff can add additional donation information fields to suit the needs of your association.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, About Your Donation

Entering Email Information

If constituents are not logged in, they must enter an email to which an order summary will be sent. If constituents are logged in, their email is filled in automatically from Person Email on their account.

 Constituents can enter additional emails—separated by commas—to receive an order summary. Staff can also add additional fields to this card to collect any other necessary information

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Order Information

Entering Billing Address and Payment Information

If constituents are not logged in, they must enter the billing address and payment information for the donation. If constituents are logged in, their billing address is filled in automatically from Billing Address on their account, an they will just need to enter their payment information.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Order Payment

Order Submission

When constituents click to submit the donation, and If the they are logged in, they are taken the Order Summary page.

If the constituent did not log in, they are taken to the Donate Now Thanks Page. Additionally, the donation record created in the order is related to the Online Guest Checkout account.

Finally, if constituents used an appeal checkout URL to browse to the page, the donation record is also related to that appeal record.

Submitted donations are made to, and payments processed by, the entity set on the donation product and do not support Entity Crossovers at this time. Learn more about Entity Crossovers.

Page Information

Label Donate Now
Description Label SelectDonationAmountCompleteFields
Dynamic Page URL /nc_InteriorDynamicPage
Heading Label DonationsCheckout
Url /donatenow

Cards on the Page


Not Logged In Alert Card Type

DonationAmount Donation Amount Card Type
AboutYourDonation About Your Donation Card Type
OrderInformation Order Information Card Type
OrderPayment Order Payment Card Type
SubmitDonation Button Row Card Type