Express Payment - Winter '18

BetaBeta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new features have been thoroughly tested but may still have some bugs. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

Community Hub Express Payment is a very simple concept, make it as easy as possible to allow an association to receive a payment for anything and from anyone. With the Winter '18 release of Nimble AMS we are continuing our effort to streamline and remove barriers when placing orders and receiving payments in Community Hub. The new Express Payment feature in Community Hub is 100% from the constituents point of view. When they receive an email from the association for an invoice with an outstanding balance, it contains a unique URL just for that specific invoice. When they click on this unique URL it directs them to a page where they can view the invoice in full along with a streamlined payment process. We removed even more barriers for the constituent by allowing guests to also process payments. The constituent can simply forward the email with the unique invoice URL to someone else to apply payment, such as an accounting department. That individual may not have a Community Hub login or an account with the association, but that is no longer a barrier to the payment process. With the unique URL they can still access the invoice and apply the payment as a guest. By adding the unique Express Payment URL to all orders and carts, we are expediting the payment process for invoice the association may have.

What's New?

  • The Express Payment Page has been added in Community Hub so anyone with a link can use the page to pay off an order with an outstanding balance and add an optional donation when paying for a membership.
  • The Express Payment Cart Page has been added in Community Hub so anyone with a link can use the page to pay off a Cart with an outstanding balance and add an optional donation when paying for a membership.
  • The Express Payment Thanks Page has been added in Community Hub so constituents who haven't logged in are given a confirmation that their outstanding balance has been paid.
  • The Express Payment field has been added to the Payment object so you can track the payments made using express payment in your analytics.
  • The Payment URL field has been added to the Order and Cart objects so staff have a URL they can send to constituents a link which takes them to the Express Payment or Express Payment Cart pages in Community Hub where they can pay their outstanding balance with or without logging in.
    • To help staff, if the order or cart has a balance, the URL displays. If the order or cart has no balance, that means it has been paid in full or only ever contained free products—like a webinar registration—so the field does not display the URL and instead let's them know it has been paid.
    • You can use this field in conjunction with your URL shortener or marketing automation tool of choice to shorten and share the link.
  • The Payment URL (Order) and Payment URL (Cart) fields have been added to the Entity object to hold the path for the entity's Community Hub along with additional information. These fields are used when populating the Payment URL field on the Order and Cart objects.
  • The following components have been added to Community Hub to make this all happen:
  • The Bill Me Payment URL on the Order Summary recipe has been created to enhance the Bill Me experience on the Order Summary Page in Community Hub. Learn more about Bill Me.

How Do I Enable It?

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