Fixes and Improvements

To empower our customers, we offer the opportunity to be involved in the Preview Channel. This gives our customers, implementations, and partners the opportunity to put new features through their paces and provide feedback before they are generally available. We are excited to share the Summer '18 version of Nimble AMS with our users. There are many features and improvements you have been asking for that we are excited to roll out and get feedback on. For a deeper dive into the new features, check out Delivered. Here are the highlights.

Staff View Improvements

Set a Custom Order Confirmation Email Template Administrators can now set which email template to send when constituents check out in Community Hub and when staff click Send Email on an order. You can use an email template included with Nimble AMS or a custom email template. Learn more. (AMS-9082)

Subscription Quantity Staff can now set a quantity on Subscription products in the Staff View order process. This simply alters the quantity of a given product on an order and does not impact start / end dates for the subscription. The quantity, unit price is also now visible on the resulting Subscription history record(s). Learn more. (AMS-9226)

Revenue Recognition for Imported and Manually Added Deferred Schedules External Transaction Date has been added to the Deferred Schedule object for use when importing data from a third-party system. When External Transaction Date is populated, Nimble AMS will recognize imported deferred schedules at the appropriate time. (AMS-9086)

Merging Person Accounts Merging person accounts now creates a completed Task under the Activity History related list of the merged account. This task contains the original Name and Ids of the accounts deleted as a result of the merge. (AMS-9038)

Insert/Update Carts The CartTriggerHandlers has been improved to better support inserting/updating more than 200 carts at once. (AMS-9196)

Refund Errors with Multiple Entities Refunds will not submit to the order and you will be prompted to enter a refund to the correct Entity. (AMS-9230)

Architectural Improvements

Recalculate the Price The Pricing Framework was updated to recalculate the price class in addition to recalculating the product prices when triggered. (AMS-8315)

Order API Improvements Many Improvements were made to the Order API in Summer '18 including, support for shipping, taxation, subscriptions, membership, and programs, as well as refactoring for efficiency and improvements to history tracking. (AMS-9010)

Support for Manual and imported Deferred Schedules A new External Transaction Date field has been added. Setting this date will allow manual/imported deferred schedules to be recognized by the Deferred Revenue Recognizer Job. (AMS-9086)

IPaymentGatewayClass IPaymentGateway has been deprecated and replaced with IPaymentGateway2, a globalized class. (AMS-9171)

Community Hub Improvements

Create Buttons that Run Autolaunched Flows Administrators can now create buttons which allow constituents to initiate automated processes, like updating fields on their account. Learn how to Create a Button that Runs an Autolaunched Flow or see an example of how you could use one. (NC-4500)

Display HTML Content on Record List Card Types Administrators can now add a card layout, like DisplayHTML Card Layout, to record list cards to display HTML content in Text, Text Area, or Text Area (Long) fields. Learn more. (NC-4379)

Set the Number of Characters Entered Before Results Display for AutoCompleteSearch Lookup Fields Administrators now can customize how many characters constituents must enter before results of a Lookup fields using an AutoCompleteSearch Configuration display. Learn more. (NC-3666)

Simple Data Source Selection When Creating a Button Administrators can now quickly add a data source to a button by selecting the object containing the data and then the specific data source they want to use. Previously, administrators had to know the name of the data source they wanted to use and manually enter it. Learn how to Create a Button (NC-3445)

Break Up the List of Colleagues on the Manage Registrations Page Administrators can simplify colleague registration for constituents with many colleagues by updating the Choose A Colleague card on the Manage Registrations Page to use the new Choose A Colleague 2 Card Type which breaks up a long list of colleagues into several groups. With the Choose A Colleague 2 card type, when there are 10 or fewer colleagues, they all display on the card. If there are more than 10 colleagues, the first 10 display on the card and constituents can navigate through multiple sets of 10 to find the colleague they are looking for. Below the visual card, the card type also displays the total number of colleagues. Be sure to test this new card type in your staging environment to ensure it works as expected with any customizations.

Specify the Button URL Parameter Passed to the Linked Page While creating a button in Community Hub, administrators can now specify the name of the URL parameter to be passed to the page to which the button links. As an example, the value in URL is, the value in URL Parameter Key is personid, and the button is provided by a data source the value of 12345 for the personid URL parameter. When the button is clicked, constituents are taken to Previously, the URL parameter was always id, which did not fit all use cases. Learn how to Create a Button (NC-3788)

Express Payment Order Details The Order Details card has been added to the Express Payment Cart page to allow users to specify the emails where the Order Confirmation will be delivered. (NC-4204)

Add a Card Friendly Name The 'Add A Card' dropdown was updated to display the friendly name / label. (NC-4427)

Find My Account Search Updates The FindMyAccount feature was updated to search only the fields specified on the Card's field set. Additionally, optional fields will no longer be queried for blank values during the search. (NC-4478)

Lightning Flow Component A new component and card type were added for supporting the lightning:flow Lightning Component from within Community Hub. (NC-4511)

Terms and Conditions Card The Terms and Conditions card now supports formatted HTML when "Display HTML" is selected for the Card Layout, else it will display raw text in scrollable text area. (NC-4515)

Find My Account Search Updates The FindMyAccount feature was updated to search only the fields specified on the Card's field set. Additionally, optional fields will no longer be queried for blank values during the search. (NC-4478)

Programs Improvements

Transition Program A bug was resolved so renewal program types with "Transition To Program Type Override" set will now successfully create the transition program when the current renewal is completed. (PROG-316)

Help Improvements

Build Better Customizations with Component Standards As you make Nimble AMS your own, you now have access to association best practices and suggestions for naming and configuring metadata in Staff View and Community Hub. Components include, but are not limited to, apps, fields, list views, page layouts, search layouts, as well as Community Hub components such as cards and pages. Learn more about Component Standards. (AMS-9341)

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