Fixes and Improvements

To empower our customers, we offer the opportunity to be involved in the Preview Channel. This gives our customers, implementations, and partners the opportunity to put new features through their paces and provide feedback before they are generally available. We are excited to share the Winter '18 version of Nimble AMS with our users. There are many features and improvements you have been asking for that we are excited to roll out and get feedback on.For a deeper dive into the new features, check out Delivered. Here are the highlights.

Fixes and Improvements

Modernized Tab Home Pages Nimble AMS no longer uses classic home pages for the Committees, Donations, Events, Memberships, Miscellaneous, and Subscription tabs and the Accounts Home and Accounting tabs have been hidden.

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So you can take advantage of the newest Salesforce innovation, the Committees, Donations, Events, Memberships, Miscellaneous, and Subscription tabs now use standard Salesforce list view home pages by default, and the Accounts Home and Accounting tabs have been hidden from staff.

Here is the benefit:

  • Moving to standard Salesforce tab home pages provides your team the ability to leverage modern Salesforce features.
  • When Lightning Experience is enabled, you will be able to use new Lightning list views.

Here is what you need to do:

  • If your association is ready to start leveraging modern Salesforce technology, you are all set.
  • If you enjoy the nostalgia of classic Nimble AMS home pages or want continue using them a bit longer, they are still included with Nimble AMS, and can be added back by customizing your experience:
    • Create a Visualforce tab(s) (external) to use classic Nimble AMS Visualforce pages:
      • AccountingLandingPage
      • AccountLandingPage
      • CommitteeLandingPage
      • DonationLandingPage
      • EventLandingPage
      • MembershipLandingPage
      • EventLandingPage
      • MembershipLandingPage
      • MiscellaneousLandingPage
      • SubscriptionLandingPage

Hands off the Subscription Dates Staff can no longer manually edit the start or end dates for subscriptions with deferred revenue. Learn more. (AMS-8549)

Stop That Cart! Nimble AMS now prevents staff from creating multiple adjustment carts.

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With Winter '18, administrators of orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Winter '18 release can now set Nimble AMS to prevent staff from creating multiple adjustment carts.

This improved experience is enabled for all orgs where Nimble AMS is installed after the Winter '18 release. The improvement is not automatically enabled for orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Winter '18 release, but you may enable it in your org.

Here is the benefit:

  • Preventing multiple adjustment carts helps avoid unforeseen impacts when multiple updates are made to an order and then submitted.

Here is what you need to do:

  • If Nimble AMS was installed in your org after the Winter '18 release, this improvement is already enabled, so you are all set.
  • If Nimble AMS was installed in your org prior to the Winter '18 release, learn how to Enable Adjustment Cart Collision Prevention.

Stored Payment Methods for Any Entity Staff and constituents can now create stored payment methods for any entity.

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With Winter '18, Staff can designate the entity and payment gateway for which a stored payment method is created and select that stored payment method within the Staff View order process. In conjunction with the new ability to create multiple Community Hubs, constituents can create, view, and use stored payments specific to the entity of the Community Hub they are using.

Here are the improvements:

  • The Payment Gateway field has been added to the External Profile object to keep track of which payment gateway a external profile is created for.
  • When multiple entities with payment gateways are set up in your org,staff can now choose the entity and payment gateway for which a stored payment method is created and processed.
  • Community Hub has been improved so constituents can use stored payment methods on your multiple Community Hubs for your association's entities. Learn more.
  • So constituents can view only valid stored payment methods in Community Hub, the My Payment Methods, Manage Bank Account, and Manage Credit Card pages have been updated to display and create stored payment methods for only the entityof the current Community Hub.
  • So constituents can pay with only valid stored payment methods in Community Hub, the My Checkout, My Invoice, and Donate Now pages have been updated to display stored payment methods for only the entityof the current Community Hub.
  • The Payment step in the Staff View order process has been updated so staff view only valid stored payment methods for the selected entity.
  • Staff view only valid stored payments methods for the selected entity in the Staff View order process. Straight and to the point. The next sentence can have more detail. 

Here is what you need to do:

Inactive Payment Methods No Longer Show when Creating a Cash Prepayment When creating a cash prepayment, only active payment methods display. Learn more.

Clearer Payment Method Selection for Cash Prepayment When selecting a payment method, staff will now see the full bank account name, to ensure they select the right one.

Improved Cash Bill Generation The Bulk Billing feature will no longer fail the entire batch if a single billing item is invalid/misconfigured. The number of expected carts to be created can also be seen during the billing preview (as well as the related Primary Product). (AMS-8664). Learn more.

More Details for Bulk Cash Billing When creating a new billing, the number of potential new bills displays long with the number of bills that are valid and can be created. Also, the detailed bulk billing preview now includes the primary product for each bill.  Learn more.

Accurate Credit Balances To ensure account Credit Balances are accurate, the CalculateAccountFinancials logic now recalculates the Credit Balance when run (via link or the nightly job).  (AMS-8154)

Update Deferred Revenue Method Products with existing deferred orders can no longer be updated to use a different deferred revenue method. (AMS-8231)

Deferred Schedule Subscriptions Activate the new TermUnchangeableForDeferredSubscription to prevent deferred schedule impact from accidentally changing terms. (AMS-8549)

Architectural Improvements

Partial Payments The order API has been updated to now accept partial payments. This includes:

  • Support for specifying an order item for which to apply partial payment within both new and adjustment orders
  • Additional payment information in the OrderProcessorResponse (AMS-8531)

Globalized Order Items Code related to manipulating OrderItems was globalized to give access to developers using the Order API outside of the AMS package. (AMS-8547)

Guest Event Descriptions The AMS API has been updated to pass along product description for guest event products. (AMS-8552)

Asynchronous Calls The order API now supports asynchronous calls. (AMS-8553)

Include the Coupon The order API was updated so that converting an order to an adjustment cart now carries over coupon data. (AMS-8580)

Source of Payment The payment API has been expanded to allow callers to specify a source for payment records e.g. "Salesforce", "Self Service", etc. (AMS-8652)

Access the Grand Total Methods were added to the Order, OrderItem and OrderLine classes to be able to get order related amounts such as the balance, grand total, total payment, total tax, and total discounts. (AMS-8597)

Give the Purpose When orders are submitted to Nimble AMS via the order API the purpose field is being filled out with the same logic as the Cart API with the ability for a developer to manually override the purpose via the API. (AMS-8693)

Community Hub Improvements

User Creation with Password Reset You can now set whether a user record is created when constituents try to reset the password of an account with no related user. Learn more.

Resetting Password Creates User You can now set whether individuals created from the company roster have both an account record and a related user recordLearn more.

Automatic User Creation in Staff View You can now set whether a user record is created when staff create an account. Learn more.

Greetings? You can now set whether the Community Hub welcome email is sent to a new user when they are created. Learn more.

Plain Text 2 Card Type There is a new card type called Plain Text 2 that can display contextually related messages using an expression made up of text and field references. Learn more

Developer Extensible Event Registration Button The new Event Information Page has been added to replace the Event Page in Community Hub so developers can:

  • Use the new InteriorDynamicPage2 Page Template to extend the functionality of the registration button on the page.
  • Create custom button behaviors based on demographics or membership status and customize where constituents are taken when they click the button.

Enable the Extendable Event Information Experience in Community Hub to get started.

Eligible for Cancel Community Hub no longer displays checkout cards when attempting to cancel a registration that is no longer eligible to be cancelled. (NC-3777)

Use the Same Coupon Again To prevent multiple applications of coupons, the apply button now locks after the first submission. (NC-1833)

Updates to External Sharing In a previous release, we closed a potential security issue by updating the External Sharing model to ensure that Community Hub users cannot navigate to records they should not have access to. With Winter '18, we will be updating the External Sharing on a few objects to Private.

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  • Appeal Product Link
  • Appeal
  • Flowdown Queue
  • Entity Payment Gateway Link
  • External Payment Profile
  • External Profile
  • Payment Gateway

Programs Improvements

Component Submission Tab If you use programs, you can now Customize Component Submission using a new tab in the Programs app.

Program Renewal In order to facilitate billing Program Renewals that may not have a related Order Item Line product (such as imports), the Billing History falls back to the Product defined on the Program history record (if any) as the Primary Product. 

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