Fixes and Improvements

To empower our customers, we offer the opportunity to be involved in the Preview Channel. This gives our customers, implementations, and partners the opportunity to put new features through their paces and provide feedback before they are generally available. We are excited to share the Spring '18 version of Nimble AMS with our users. There are many features and improvements you have been asking for that we are excited to roll out and get feedback on. For a deeper dive into the new features, check out Delivered. Here are the highlights.

Staff View Improvements

Related List Quick Links Throughout Staff View For orgs where Nimble AMS is installed after the Spring '18 release, record pages throughout Staff View have been updated to include the new Related List Quick Links Lightning component. With the Related List Quick Links component, staff can view multiple related lists in quick succession just by hovering over a link. And, they can complete actions right from within the hover pane. Learn more (external). If Nimble AMS was installed in your org prior to the Spring '18 release and if you have created custom record pages or have cloned existing Nimble AMS record pages, we recommend that you add the Related List Quick Links component to the Header section of the Record Page below the Highlight Panel. (AMS-8954, PROG-311)

Enhanced Order Type Selection in the Order Process The order process used to display the types of order you can create in the Order Info step of the order process as radio buttons, which are not ideal when you offer a large number of order types. You can now enjoy an enhanced experience which displays the options in a drop down list, simplifying the selection process, especially in the case your org has many order types. This is especially beneficial if you are using Lightning Experience. (AMS-8533)

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Nimble AMS, Staff View, The Order Process, Lets Get Started Dialog Box

Fix for Accrual Dues bug To account for long-running accrual dues previews, the operation now waits for the preview records to finish inserting before reporting the total expected billing amount.Since this is an unmanaged package, any existing consumers will need to apply the same ~10 lines of change to their existing classes. Alternatively, they can uninstall and reinstall the next version of the package (ex: 1.19) if they have no customizations. (AMS-2463)

Expiration Check The ExternalPaymentProfile expiration check logic now correctly calculates the prior month's year. (AMS-8976)

Architectural Improvements

Transition to Custom Metadata Types With Spring '18 Community Hub Setup is transitioning from Custom Settings to Custom Metadata Types for all customer orgs.

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Custom Metadata Types are another way to define customizations and configuration of Community Hub. In the past, Nimble AMS used Custom Settings to define Community Hub. With the Summer '17 release, customers could opt-in to transition from Custom settings to Custom Metadata Types to take advantage of new functionality. We have seen strong adoption of Custom Metadata Types and are pleased with their reliability. With Spring '18, we are transitioning all remaining customer orgs to Custom Metadata Types. To learn more about Custom Metadata Types, check out this article from Salesforce: Custom Metadata Types (external).

Here are the benefits:

  • Custom Metadata Types better support future Community Hub improvements
  • They can be moved between orgs via changeset
  • They provide better stability for our seasonal upgrades
  • Nimble AMS is now better aligned with Salesforce's recommended best practices

Apply and Adjust Coupons to Orders with the Order API Coupons can now be applied to and adjusted on orders using the Order API. (AMS-8927)

Recurring Payments Migrated to REST API Recurring Payments are now made using the REST API as the legacy SOAP API will be end-of-life in early 2018. There is no change in functionality, and requires no configuration changes. Learn more (external). (AMS-8912)

Process Multiple Orders with Payments The Order API has been updated to process multiple orders attached to multiple payments. (AMS-8828)

Nimble AMS Re-Security Reviewed The security of Nimble AMS is an important part of our product strategy and something we continue to monitor and improve with each release.  We strive to provide our customers with the right level of security so you can trust your AMS to protect your information. Trust is foundational to the Platform. As an app on the AppExchange we are required by Salesforce to go through mandatory periodic security reviews. These reviews ensure products on the Appexchange meet Salesforce's high standards and protect customers from insecure apps that could harm an organization. 

As part of our commitment to our customers, we proactively submit Nimble AMS for security review with each new release. This is above and beyond the security review frequency that Salesforce requires of Appexchange products.  With our Spring 18 release we have again submitted our application for security review to make sure we continue to provide our customers with the best AMS we possibly can provide.

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Security Review Benefits

  1. Assures our customers that Nimble AMS works securely with Salesforce.

  2. Provide the security tools and infrastructure our customers need to implement security best practices.

  3. Allows Salesforce to facilitate open relationships between customers, developers (like us), and providers by providing a secure ecosystem.


Salesforce and Nimble AMS provide our customers with powerful system and allows our customers to implement security measures in a myriad of ways, intentionally or not.  We encourage you to follow best practices with your Salesforce org as it's possible for customers to expose security risks on your own.  Salesforce's Security Best Practice guide is a good resource for customers.

Security Review Summary

You can read more about the security review process at Salesforce's ISV Security Review.

Payment Processor Raw Response Audit Trail We have added the functionality back so that we have an audit trail of the responses that we're getting from when we're trying to capture the payments. Payments utilizing the gateway service will now append each raw response to their PaymentProcessorRawResponse__c field.(AMS-8815)

My Checkout Page Performance Caching has been added to the CommunityUser class to improve performance on the Checkout page and reduce the number of SOQL queries the page uses. (NC-4390)

Community Hub Improvements

New Merchandise Product Detail Experience Administrators can now customize merchandise product details in the Community Hub store. (NC-4378)

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Express Payment and Donation Order Confirmations for Guests An order confirmation is now sent to users checking out as guests. (AMS-8833)

Affiliation Search Context Roster management was updated to consider the current company when subsequent searches are executed. (NC-4373)

Button Sort Order Community Hub buttons now respect the Sort Order defined on their respective Custom Metadata Type record. (NC-4422)

Respect Card Layout The FieldSetReadOnly card type now respects the CardLayout settings related to "Escape HTML", "Striped Rows", "Include Field Labels" (NC-4377)

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