2017-06-26_18-46-00_Fixes and Improvements—Spring '17

We are excited to share the Spring '17 Preview version of Nimble AMS with our users.  There are many features and improvements you have been asking for that we are excited to roll out and get feedback on. 

For a deeper dive into the new features, check out Delivered!.  Here are the highlights! 

Fixes and Improvements!

Negative Refund Amount A validation rule was updated to properly prevent negative credit refund amounts. (AMS-8194)

Expired? The account's join on date will no longer be overwritten during renewal for expired members. (AMS-8002)

Already Paid for Cart items with existing payments can no longer be deleted by staff. (AMS-5640) 

Lightning Strikes! We have made some small improvements to Staff View to make Nimble AMS ready for Lightning. Learn More (AMS-8258) 

Apply Proration Rules Now, you can Link a Membership Type to a Product for any type of membership, whether the purpose is Primary, Required, Optional, or Donation. Additionally, proration rules are repriced in the API. The Staff View order wizard will now correctly prorate the unit price on all types of membership products in the event the membership type product link records are configured to do so. Learn More (AMS-8297)

Architectural Improvements! 

Improved Security Salesforce has released a new setting that allows administrators to bar Community users from accessing certain pages. We will be rolling this out to all customers with the Spring 17 release.

Customize Company Search  Community Hub Company Search can now be customized. (NC-3352) 

Community Hub Improvements!

Tell Me More The Success Messages on the Manage Roster pages now show more information than just "Got it, thanks!" Learn More (NC-3589)

Dupe Checking via Field Set The fields used by the Dupe Service can now be determined via a field set. Learn More (NC-3552)

Community Hub Setup Improvements The filter configuration tab was added to the Community Hub Setup app. The edit filter page now has dynamic lookups and dropdown fields, similar to the edit card page. Learn More (NC-3395) 

Too Many Buttons Administrators can now create Button Menus in Community Hub to simplify page layouts and navigation. Learn More (NC-3312)

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