Getting Started

As a new Nimble AMS user, there are some things you should know to make your experience productive. You can learn all the basics here, and use some of the many resources available to you to learn even more about Salesforce and Nimble AMS.

Administrators can also learn about the Lightning Platform, App Cloud, Community Cloud, and customizing Nimble AMS for your association.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is your constituent success platform, designed to help you sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with your constituents. Salesforce has a beautiful, intuitive, and intelligent interface—Lightning Experience—that helps your teams work more naturally and more productively. Learn more (external).

What is Nimble AMS?

Nimble AMS is an AppExchange app on Salesforce that provides a one stop solution for association management, designed to help you manage all aspects of your constituents' journey with your organization.


To start using Nimble AMS, log into Salesforce in your favorite modern web browser.

When your Salesforce login information is first created, you will receive an email to help you get started. Learn more (external).

Once you know your login information, you can log into Salesforce at: (external).

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When you log in, the Home page displays. The Home page is a great place to start your day by reviewing news related to constituents, view important dashboards, and take action on upcoming events and assigned tasks. Your administrators can customize the Home page with information and actions that are most important to your association, so be sure to reach out to them with any ideas for improvements.

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Navigation Bar

Along the top is the navigation bar, which lets you complete actions and access recent records and lists with a single click. Think of the navigation bar as a container for a set of items and functionality. It is always there, but the items within it change based on the app you are using. Learn more (external).

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App Launcher

Nimble AMS includes several Lightning apps which different teams can use to interact with your data. If the standard apps do not meet your needs, your administrator can create a custom app as well. To switch apps, you can click App Launcher and select the app to use; the navigation bar updates with the relevant items and functionality for that app. Learn more (external).

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To help you quickly access your data, the search box is always at the top and starts working for you as soon as you click in the box. At first, a list of recent records displays, and as you type, the list changes to provide potentially matching results. You can click on a result to view the record or hit Enter/Return to see even more potential results. Learn more (external).

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List Views

List views are a way for you to browse a select set of records in Salesforce. When you click an object tab the navigation bar, you see a list of the records associated with that object. Everyone can create their own custom list views for their own needs.

As an example, say you click on the Accounts tab, and you want to see all new individuals created within the last week; you can quickly select that list view and see just those records. Then, perhaps, you want to view the new company accounts created in the last week; you can switch to that list view to view that new set of records. If at any time there is not a list view which meets your needs, you can create one. Learn more (external) and also see the Tips for Building Optimized Record Pages.

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Record Pages

The details for a specific record displays on a record page. A record page lays out all sorts of different components that contain information—like fields—and actions—like buttons.

Along the top of a record page are the actions you can take on the record. Below, the Highlight Panel displays, which contains the most vital data for your team defined in the compact layout for the record. The Related List Quick Links display the related lists on the record. You can hover over the name of the related list to view a few records, or click to view all records in the list. Finally, the component section(s) display, which can contain tabs, demographic fields in a page layout, lists of related records, or other Lightning components.

Nimble AMS includes record pages for each object which are optimized for associations. Your administrator can also create custom record pages. Learn more (external).

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Record Page Tabs

Depending on the complexity of a record page, it may include multiple tabs. Each tab on a record page displays unique information related to what you might do with the record. Some common record page tabs are:

  • Related—Includes Notes, Files, and any miscellaneous related lists.
  • Details—Includes demographic fields, sections, and custom links.
  • Build—Includes components used for configuration and setup of Nimble AMS functionality.
    • As an example: On a event record, the Build tab displays various related records to set up the event, such as products, event session groups, and event questions.
  • Order—Includes components that correspond to the Staff View order process and workflow. This includes any order and cart objects as well as other supporting objects such as transactions.
    • As an example: On a donation record, the Order tab displays related order information, such as the order item lines.
  • Engagement—Includes components that involve account historical/participation records, such as committee membership, registrations, and memberships.
    • As an example: On a membership type record, the Engagement tab displays the related membership records.
  • Activity—Includes the Activities related to the record.
  • Chatter—Includes the Chatter feed related to the record.
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Favorites let you quickly favorite important records, lists, groups, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce and then navigate to them quickly. Learn more (external).

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The Utility Bar

The utility bar lets you access common productivity tools, like Notes, Recent Items, and Recent Accounts. It appears as a fixed footer throughout Salesforce you can access to open utilities in docked panels. Each utility in the utility bar is a Lightning component, so if you have a great idea for a utility to add, grab a ☕️ with your administrator and share your thought. Learn more (external).

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Lightning Platform

If you are an administrator, there is a lot to learn about working on the Lightning Platform. The good news is there are many different resources available for you to master anything you set your mind to. For working in Lightning Platform, we recommend you take a look at these resources:

When customizing Nimble AMS, the Lightning Platform gives you many tools. Code, workflow, process builders, and validation rules are just some of the ways you can make your org better fit your association. Before introducing changes to your production environment, we recommend trying them out in a sandbox environment and running the apex tests. This ensures there are no unexpected side effects to any changes big or small.

App Cloud

Nimble AMS is just one of the many AppExchange apps available for you to use to empower your association. The AppExchange is the business app store from Salesforce and features thousands of enterprise and small business applications to fit your needs. We recommend you browse the AppExchange to see what other apps you are interested in.

Community Cloud

Community Hub lives on Community Cloud, which means you can use your data to give constituents unique online experiences. To get started, we recommend you take a look at these resources:

As part of Nimble AMS, Community Hub is your way to expose certain data and fields to your constituents. Because Community Hub is lives on Community Cloud, the default sharing setting for any new custom objects you makes your data publicly accessible. To ensure your data is seen by the right people, set the Sharing Settings of all new objects to Private upon creation.

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