Inventory Functionality in Staff View

Inventory for products can be tracked using the Track Inventory check box. When an order is submitted in staff view, and inventory update is scheduled to occur within five minutes of submission. When this update occurs, the product Inventory Used will increase, while Inventory on Hand will decrease. The Inventory field itself is used to track the original or starting Inventory that was entered for the product. If Track Inventory is not checked, inventory is not tracked for the product and the Inventory Used and Inventory on Hand will not be impacted by purchase of that product.

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Ordering Out of Stock Items

Default Out of Stock Ordering

When Inventory on Hand is 0, staff view users will see the item listed in the category to which it belongs when creating an order, but will be unable to add the product to the cart.  The Unit Price and Quantity fields will not be able to be adjusted and the Purchase check box in front of item will not be selectable. Staff will have to add more inventory to the product in order for an order to be placed.

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Backordering with Negative Quantity

For organizations that choose to allow product backordering, a negative value can be entered into the Inventory field, which will in turn update the Inventory on Hand field. To enable negative inventory, an administrator must enable the Can Backorder Staff View setting under Develop | Custom Settings | Nimble AMS Settings. Enabling this setting allows staff users to place orders for products that have no available inventory and assign a negative inventory value as needed to represent backordered items.

Backordering is only supported with Merchandise Products.

Ordering Items with a Negative Quantity

If Track Inventory is enabled, a negative quantity cannot be assigned to a product in staff view. Staff will receive an error indicating that an insufficient inventory exists.

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When Track Inventory is disabled, you can enter a negative value in the Inventory field. The Inventory Used field is also updated as a result. You can save the record and successfully select the item, change the quantity, and add the item to the cart.

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Cancelling an Order

When cancelling an order via an adjustment cart, users can view the payment cancellation for products on the cart page. 

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When users view the products that were part of the cancelled order, they will note that within five minutes after the cancelation, the Inventory Used has decremented back to the quantity available prior to order submission and that the Inventory On Hand has also been restored. When the order is cancelled as part of the order process, an update of Inventory On Hand for that product is scheduled to restore to the pre-order value within five minutes. 

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Upon cancellation, staff will also note that the quantity on the related Inventory record has changed from the quantity ordered to 0.

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Turning Inventory Tracking On and Off

Inventory tracking is enabled for a product by checking the Track Inventory check box under Inventory Detail on the Product record. Once enabled, staff can enter a quantity in the Inventory field, which is then used as a starting value for that product's inventory, and can be used to make updates to Inventory on Hand as needed.This helps ensure that the Inventory on Hand field is always up-to-date.

While the Inventory field works, it's not the most intuitive approach because Staff have to make continued updates to that field that consider both all inventory sold to date + inventory on hand.  We will revisit this in the future, but there is no ETA at this time.  See the Areas for Improvement section below.

Inventory Used and Inventory On Hand track the quantity of a specific product that is ordered either in staff view or in Community Hub. Inventory Used will increase as orders are made for that product, while Inventory On Hand will decrease. 

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If Track Inventory is not selected, the quantity ordered will not be tracked and staff will not be able to view inventory at the product level. Inventory tracking is often used for Merchandise items and other physical goods that have to be packaged and shipped. 

Being able to turn inventory tracking on and off at any time can potentially be dangerous if a user doesn't understand the implications. If it is turned off once a product has already been sold multiple times with it turned on, staff can lose visibility on the actual quantity sold if they then decide to turn it back on.

Manually Adjusting Inventory on a Product

Staff can manually add or remove inventory from a Product by directly editing the Inventory field. When a user updates the Inventory field with a new quantity, the Inventory On Hand field updates as well to reflect the new value.

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