Inventory Handling in Community Hub

Staff can set up products in Staff View and set a maximum number of products that can be purchased at any time in Community Hub. Users can view and add in stock items–like merchandise or sessions with a maximum number of seats–to their cart, choose a quantity to purchase, and checkout. They are notified when an item has an insufficient quantity to be purchased. The quantity purchased in Community Hub will be reflected on the product record Inventory On Hand field within five minutes of order submission.

Concurrent Orders with Limited Inventory

When inventory on a product is low and multiple users attempt to purchase an item, Community Hub processes the orders in the order in which the carts are submitted. That said, once an order has been submitted, it can take up to five minutes to update the Inventory On Hand for a particular product. Example: Inventory On Hand for a coffee mug is at 1 and three users attempt to order the mug at the same time. All three orders will be successful. When Inventory On Hand is updated–within five minutes after the first order–it will read -2 because all three orders were put through. Also, once Inventory On Hand is updated any other users with the item in their cart will receive a message indicating that inventory is insufficient when trying to check out. This is true only when Track Inventory is selected.

Staff View and Community Hub Orders of the Same Product

Because orders for products can be made both in Staff View and in Community Hub, there is the possibility that staff can use the remaining inventory of a product before a Community Hub user has the chance to place their order. Again, whichever user places the order first will be able to successfully purchase the product and will schedule the update of Inventory On Hand for that product, which will occur within 5 minutes thereafter. Example: Inventory On Hand for an event session with limited seats is at 1 and staff submit their order first for the session and, within 5 minutes,  Inventory On Hand is updated to 0. A Community Hub user trying to submit an order with the same session receives an insufficient inventory notification. If the Community Hub user submits their order first and Inventory On Hand is updated, the opposite is true.

Ordering Products That Have Negative Inventory

When Can Backorder Staff View is selected on the Configure page, negative inventory can be assigned to a product in order to indicate a backordered item. If these products are still visible, Community Hub users will be able to order the product and a decrease in the Inventory on Hand will occur within five minutes as expected. If Can Backorder Staff View is not enabled, the user will receive a message indicating that an insufficient quantity exists.

Backordering is only supported with merchandise products.

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