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BetaBeta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new features have been thoroughly tested but may still have some bugs. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

Lightning Experience is Salesforce's reimagined user interface and it comes with a fresh new modern look for their users. Salesforce built Lightning Experience to make people more productive, and with Winter '18, you can increase your staff's efficiency with Nimble AMS optimized for Lightning Experience. With Lightning Experience enabled in your org, you will see a wide variety of new Nimble AMS experiences and enjoy the hundreds of new Salesforce features which are only available in Lightning Experience.

What's New?

  • The Nimble AMS, Nimble Communities, and Programs packages have been updated to provide an optimal Lightning Experience for your association.
  • A new Lightning Home page has been created for Nimble AMS containing the components and features our users use most.

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    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Salesforce Lightning, Home Page

  • New Lightning apps have been added to replace classic apps. Lightning apps are completely distinct from classic apps, are made up of Lightning page tabs, and provide a richer experience with recognizable icons and colors. Learn more about Lightning Apps (external).

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    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Salesforce Lightning, App Launcher

  • New Merchandise and Nimble AMS Console Lightning apps have been added to Nimble AMS to give you quick access to your merchandise products and a new multi-tab navigation experience. The Nimble AMS Console app uses Salesforce Console, which is a great fit for your service and support teams as they navigate your constituent's records. Learn more about apps using Salesforce Console (external).
  • New Lightning record pages have been added to expand on classic record page layouts. A type of Lightning page, record pages provide a richer experience by combining a page layout of fields and the Lightning components in a unique arrangement for each object and record type in Nimble AMS, tailored to the general needs of our users. Learn more about Lightning Pages (external).

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  • New compact layouts have been added to replace mini page layouts. Compact layouts display in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce1, and replace mini page layouts, which only display in Salesforce classic. Compact layouts display in Lightning Experience both as an expanded lookup when staff hover over a record, similar to how mini page layouts display in Salesforce classic, and also as the record page header within the record highlights panel. Learn more about Compact Layouts (external).
  • Nimble AMS now uses modern Salesforce tab home pages with Lightning Experience enabled Salesforce list views rather than classic Nimble AMS home pages. Learn more.

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    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Salesforce Lightning, List View
  • Visualforce pages and buttons in the Nimble AMS and Programs packages have been updated to display in Lightning Experience.
  • Related Files, Notes, News, and many other Salesforce features—only available in Lightning Experience—are now recommended to be enabled by default, so you can get the most out of Nimble AMS.

How Do I Enable It?

  • Learn how to walk staff through Getting Started with Lightning Experience and Nimble AMS.
  • Learn more about Lightning Experience as well as how to enable it and make changes for Nimble AMS.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You must you enable Lightning Experience to use the new Lightning apps, Home page, record pages, compact layouts, and Salesforce News. Classic Nimble AMS apps, pages, and mini layouts will continue to display in Salesforce classic.
  • You can customize the details and branding for the Lightning apps included in Nimble AMS, such as the app name or image, but we strongly recommend you only do so with the Nimble AMS app. Modifying other included apps both lessens your supportability, as apps in your org may look very different as compared to what your staff might see in support resources, and deludes your Nimble AMS experience as our designers intend it. Instead, we recommend you create a custom Lightning app(s) to customize your app experience.
  • The Lightning apps, Home pages, and record pages included in Nimble AMS cannot be customized, but you can clone them to provide a baseline for any changes you want to make. Contact NimbleUser support to learn what changes you should make for your org, especially if you use custom profiles, custom record types, or have customized included record types.
  • To tailor Lightning Experience to the needs of your staff, consider:
    • Cloning the Lightning Home page included in Nimble AMS you want to customize it to contain the components and features your staff use most.
    • Customizing the details and branding for the Nimble AMS Lightning app
    • Creating a Lightning app(s) including your custom objects and customizations
    • Creating a Lightning record page and compact layout for each of your custom objects and cloning any Lightning record pages included in Nimble AMS you want to customize
    • Customizing the compact layouts included in Nimble AMS with relevant custom fields
    • Enabling recommended features for Lightning Experience
  • Lightning Experience provides a rich and full experience, which differs from Salesforce classic in many ways. We recommend you enable Lightning Experience in a sandbox org at first where you can tailer the experience for your staff, test your AppExchange apps and customizations, and develop a Lightning Experience rollout plan.
  • Classic Nimble AMS landing pages have been replaced.

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