The Nimble AMS Membership object and process enables you to easily manage the current, future, and past memberships for your association. This can be tuned to a professional association where the memberships are primarily individuals, to a trade association where the memberships are at the organization level with complex flow down rules, or to a combination of both professional and trade membership features within the same organization.

Membership Terms and Elements

Membership Element Description
Membership Type A record that stores basic membership type information such as term and flow down functionality
Membership Type Product Link A record that connects the Product to the Membership Type record. This record stores the purpose and stage for each type of membership. This record also can override the price and term.
Product A record that stores the membership basic price and description.
Special Price An optional record that defines special pricing for different constituents; depending on data such as prior membership type, length of continuous membership, or account type.
Price Class A record that defines which price classes are available to constituents for special pricing.
Grace Period A field that allows a constituent to continue an expired membership for a noted amount of time before they are required to renew their membership, else lose their membership benefits.
Account Element Description
Account A constituent record to which the Membership record is connected; a constituent can also be linked to multiple accounts through the use of affiliations.
Membership A record that represents a membership for a specific Account; easily viewed through a related list, which lists each membership a constituent has had over time.

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