My Downloads

Community Hub allows users to purchase downloadable items and download them directly. Once a user logs into their account, they can go the My Downloads page and view all downloadable items that have been purchased in Community Hub. Downloadable documents can be stored in a variety of locations, including:

  • Google Drive: Link sharing set to "Anyone with the link" can view
  • Web Link: Enter the web URL of the content
  • Salesforce Documents: Internal sharing off (TBD - Need additional testing to validate this)
  • Other cloud storage systems (Dropbox, etc.)

A product is marked as downloadable on by using the Is Downloadable field under Product Detail and by entering a Download URL.

If you mark a product as downloadable using the 'Is Downloadable' checkbox, you must enter a Download URL which is prefixed with "http://" or "https://". If you attempt to save the record without entering a URL, you will not be able to. A product should not be marked as Shippable if it is downloadable.

My Downloads Proxy Page

The My Downloads Proxy page allows a user to access and download any downloadable products they have purchased. Before allowing the download to take place, Community Hub checks to see if the user is logged in and has purchased a downloadable document. The proxy page retrieves the downloadable content and delivers it to the user's computer. The location of the downloadable content is specified by the Download URL on the merchandise product record.

NoteIs Downloadable must be selected on the merchandise product record in order for the product to be downloadable.

Administrators must specify a Download Proxy Url to be used to retrieve downloadable content. The form of the URL must be absolute (not relative) and include the Community URL. See Setup Steps for more information on configuring the Download Proxy Url.

Nimble AMS administrators can override the URL of the page used to retrieve downloadable content. On the Nimble AMS Configure page, administrators can add a URL to the Download Proxy Url field under General Settings in order to specify a specific page. If an organization wants to use the default download page, the Download Proxy Url should be set to '/NC__download'.

Download Link in Order Confirmation Email

When a user orders a downloadable product, they receive an order confirmation email that contains links to the product after the order is submitted. The user can access the downloadable items from the order by clicking the link for each product in the email. They will be directed to the Community Hub login page where they will have to enter their username and password in order to access the downloadable content.

Each Order Item Line that contains a downloadable item will display the download link.

Download Link on the Order Summary Page

Once a Community Hub user has placed an order for downloadable products, they will be able to access the download associated with each product on the Order Summary page after checkout. Each product will be shown with a Download link next to it and the user will be able to access and either view or save the file (depending on the file type).

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