My Orders Page

My Orders allows users to see outstanding balances on current orders. The page shows the order number, transaction date, and total amount of the order. Users can only see orders when there is a balance or partial balance remaining on the order. If there is no remaining amount to be paid, the order is not shown.

Individual Balances

Users, whether affiliated to a company or not, can see and click to pay for their personal orders with outstanding balances.

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Company Balances

Users who are primarily affiliated with a company, and are company managers, can see their personal orders with outstanding balances as well as those for their affiliated company. They can click to filter all outstanding orders to show only personal or company orders and can click a button to review an invoice and pay for it.

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For organizations that allow paying off company balances online, it's recommended that additional fields be added to show whether orders are for an individual or a company.

Page Information

Page /apex/myorders
My Orders
Template AccountTemplate
Heading Label MyOrders
Description Label ViewAndPayOrders

Cards on the Page

OutstandingInvoices Record List