My Privacy Settings in Community Hub

If your association complies with various data protection and privacy regulations, it is important to provide your constituents a way to control what personally identifiable data they are allowing you to use by giving their consent. There are many ways you can configure a privacy settings area in Community Hub, but here is one way you could do it by adding a new page just for consent options.

Recipe Prep

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You will mix these ingredients together to make this recipe:

Name Type Description
My Privacy Settings


The page that displays a constituent's privacy options.

Contact Data Source Data Source

Returns fields from the Contact record.

Consent Options Card The card you can place on the My Privacy Settings page where constituents can make their consent selection(s).
Submit Button Row Card

The card you can place on the My Privacy Settings page containing the Save button.

Submit Button Button

Constituents can press this to save their consent selection.


You can follow these directions to make this recipe in your org:

  1. Create the My Privacy Settings page with the following values:

    Field Value
    Name My Privacy Settings


    Heading Label My Privacy Settings
    Description Label

    Manage your privacy and data consent settings.

  2. Create the Consent Options card with the following values:

    Field Value
    Type Field Set Form

    Consent Options

    Heading Label Consent Options
    Description Label

    You control your personal information. With these settings you can manage what info you keep private.

    Object Contact
    Data Source ContactDataSource
    Field Set

    Consent Options (In this field set, include all consent fields you want to provide as options)

  3. Add the Submit Button Row card to the page.

This is just one way you can set up a privacy settings area in Community Hub. You can create your own components to customize the experience for your constituents, just be sure that whatever approach you take complies with the data protection and privacy regulation(s) to which you are adhering.