2018-02-21_15-04-55_New Community Hub Checkout and Invoice Experience - Summer '17

BetaBeta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new features have been thoroughly tested but may still have some bugs. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

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What's New?

  • The Checkout Page has been replaced by the new My Checkout Page which administrators can customize using point and click. The 
  • The Invoice Page—off the My Orders Page—has been replaced by the new My Invoice Page which administrators can customize using point and click.
  • The My Checkout and My Invoice pages include a new Billing Address card which is prepopulated with constituents billing address for more secure and cost effective credit card verification. When purchasing a shippable product, constituents can also click Same As Shipping to sub in their shipping address for easy checkout.
    To use the billing address when verifying credit cards, you will need to activate the Address Verification Service in Authorize.net. You will also want to require all Community Hub billing address fields requested by Authorize.net for verification. Learn more (external).
  • When the new checkout and invoice experience is enabled, constituents are always taken to the new My Checkout and My Invoice pages as opposed to the classic Checkout and Invoice pages, even from external links.
  • The following components have been added to Community Hub to make this all happen:

How Do I Enable It?

  • Prerequisite: this feature uses Custom Metadata types, which NimbleUser Support can enable in your org.
  • Walk through the enablement steps.
  • Optionally, enable Address Verification Service in Authorize.net.

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