New Features

We have been working hard on new features for Staff View and Community Hub users. Read below to learn more about the big new things, click on the learn more link to read more about the feature and how to enable it.

Feature Introduction

Beta Nimble Query

Nimble Query puts the power of SOQL in the hands of your administrator. Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) is a way to search Salesforce data that is more powerful and useful than a simple report. SOQL queries can be used to create Visualforce pages, within Apex statements, and to pull data into Nimble Create templates but they have traditionally been hard to write. Nimble Query gives administrators the ability to create SOQL queries with a simple point-and-click query builder interface. By simplifying the process of creating SOQL queries, your administrator can do more without developer help.

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Beta Payment Gateway Framework

With the Spring '18 release we further enhance payment processing within Nimble AMS with the inclusion of framework to support additional payment gateways. In the past, the only credit card payment gateway used with Nimble AMS was with This new framework allows you to create alternative credit card payment gateway integrations through development effort. In the future we plan to add additional credit card payment gateway support using this new payment gateway framework.

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Feature Summary and User Impact

Nimble AMS Spring '18 has features that immediately affect all users after the release. You may want to communicate these changes to your users beforehand so they are prepared. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.
These release notes describe the new and modified features available in this release. For visibility into fixed Nimble AMS issues, please refer to  Delivered.
This table summarizes the Nimble AMS Spring '18 features and their impact on users. Review the feature details for the applicable Salesforce editions.


Enabled for Users

Requires Administrator Setup

Contact NimbleUser to Enable

Nimble Query


Payment Gateway Framework


Features Growing Up

To help create features that best meet your needs, we often grow a feature set as it passes through three stages. These features are passing from one stage to another in this release. Learn more about the feature lifecycle.

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