2017-10-18_19-06-07_New Features - Summer '17

We have been working hard on new features for Nimble AMS and Community Hub users! Read below to learn more about the big new things, click on the learn more link to read more about the feature and how to enable it.

Feature Introduction

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Pilot Stored Payment Methods

You want to make the e-commerce process for your constituents as easy as possible, plain and simple! Removing barriers to a purchase or the checkout process help move that goal forward. The Stored Payment Methods feature takes that to heart. Your constituents can now checkout quickly in Community Hub by simply selecting one of the stored payment methods they have on their account. Gone are the days of having to re-enter credit card information for every purchase in Community Hub. Using the Credit Card stored payment type, constituents can now store and manage their various credit card payment methods on the new My Payment Methods page in Community Hub. These stored payment methods now appear on the Community Hub checkout page along with the other payment types, such as entering a new credit card, eCheck, or Bill Me (if all of these payment methods are enabled).

In addition, staff can not only use constituent's stored payment methods in the Staff View order process, they can also view the stored payment methods on an account and with additional permissions, add, edit, or delete them as well.

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Pilot eCheck Stored Payment Type

To increase the number of transactions you can process and to remove as any barriers from your constituent's checkout experience, payment types now include eCheck, also known as Automated Clearing House (ACH). The new eCheck stored payment type uses the same payment gateway—Authorize.Net—currently used for credit card processing. We take transaction security very seriously, and this new feature is no exception. As with credit card payments, all collected eCheck payment details—like the account and routing numbers—are passed securely to the payment gateway for processing and only the payment gateway token and last 4 digits of the account number are stored in Nimble AMS. The eCheck stored payment type is available in the Staff View order process and Community Hub checkout. Additionally, constituents can save their eCheck payment methods in Community Hub using Community Hub Stored Payment Methods.

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Pilot Credit Card Address Verification in Community Hub

Nimble AMS is helping you fight online fraud in Community Hub a little more by adding support for the Address Verification System (AVS) within Authorize.Net. Community Hub has always offered the standard verification support of Card Code Verification (CCV). With AVS, your association gains the added fraud protection of also verifying the credit card's billing address at the time of processing. Address verification is performed by comparing portions of the billing address collected with the credit card address data on file at the issuing bank. We are working to help protect you from fraudulent transactions.

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Beta New Community Hub Checkout and Invoice Experience

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Feature Summary and User Impact

Nimble AMS Spring ’17 has features that immediately affect all users after the release. You may want to communicate these changes to your users beforehand so they are prepared. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.
These release notes describe the new and modified features available in this release. For visibility into fixed Nimble AMS issues, please refer to  Delivered!
This table summarizes the Nimble AMS Spring '17 features and their impact on users. Review the feature details for the applicable Salesforce editions.


Enabled for Users

Requires Administrator Setup

Contact NimbleUser to Enable

Community Hub Profile Photos

Stored Payment Methods

eCheck Stored Payment Type

Credit Card Address Verification in Community Hub


New Community Hub Checkout and Invoice Experience

Features Growing Up

To help create features that best meet your needs, we often grow a feature set as it passes through three stages. These features are passing from one stage to another in this release. Learn more about the feature lifecycle.

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