New Features—Spring '17

We have been working hard on new features for Nimble AMS and Community Hub users! Read below to learn more about the big new things, click on the name of the feature to discover more.

Feature Introduction

Pilot Community Hub Affiliation Management

Community Hub account management has improved and expanded with functionality for empowering individuals to manage their company affiliations. The new Community Hub Affiliation Management feature and functionality gives individuals easy tools to manage single or multiple company affiliations. The individual's Personal Snapshot page has been enhanced with a new Snapshot Affiliations card as well as a new My Affiliations page has been added for full management of an individual's company affiliations. Individuals can easily add new affiliations, update existing affiliations (such as changing which of their multiple affiliations is their primary affiliation for parent company membership and address information flow down), and remove affiliations that are no longer active.

Individuals who are company managers get even more access within the My Affiliations page. They have additional tools at their finger tips to manage their affiliated company demographics as well as the company roster. Individual can fully manage all aspects of their individual and company affiliations.

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Pilot Community Hub Company Management

Community Hub account management is expanded with new functionality for managing company accounts. With the new Community Hub Company Management feature, constituents identified as a "manager" for their affiliated company now have a central place to view and manage all of the company demographic as well as the roster of affiliated individuals and locations. Company managers have a new Company Snapshot page that brings all of the key and critical company demographics to a single page. From the Company Snapshot page, a company manager is also empowered to manage different aspects of the company. They can update any of the company's key demographics on the new Edit Company page as well as have access to the new Company Roster page. These new pages give company managers the tools they need to help the association in keeping their parent company up to date and current. For associations with deep and complex company management needs, Community Hub can be further extended with company specific navigation and additional company based pages. This feature is a must have for all trade associations.

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Pilot Community Hub Roster Management

Community Hub account management has been expanded with new functionality for managing the various individual and location accounts under a company affiliation roster. A new Company Roster page has been added that brings together easy and flexible options for the company manager to fully add, edit, and remove child account.

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Beta Asynchronous Membership Flow Down Option

The new asynchronous membership flow down option enhances the membership flow down functionality often used by trade associations or associations that offer organization level memberships. This new option provides associations the ability to regulate when a large affiliation structure will shift to an asynchronous format for membership flow down updates based on an active affiliation threshold configuration.

When the active affiliation threshold is met or exceeded when a membership join or renewal is processed, the new asynchronous membership flow down option is used instead of the standard synchronous membership flow down.

Staff receive an email notifying them when all of the affiliated accounts have been updated with the membership flow down based on the membership join or renewal order they've placed. We recommend enabling this feature if your association has large affiliation structures where there are potentially 500-1000 plus active affiliations under one parent company.

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Lightning Experience Lightning Experience Ready

Lightning Experience is a new, fast, beautiful user experience from Salesforce. It’s clearly the future for Salesforce and an important part of Nimble AMS’ future as well. With our Spring 17 release, Nimble AMS is now Lighting Ready certified! We have made sure that when you are ready to take advantage of Lightning Experience for your org, Nimble AMS is ready.

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Feature Summary and User Impact

Nimble AMS Spring ’17 has features that immediately affect all users after the release. You may want to communicate these changes to your users beforehand so they are prepared. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.
These release notes describe the new and modified features available in this release. For visibility into fixed Nimble AMS issues, please refer to  Delivered!
This table summarizes the Nimble AMS Spring '17 features and their impact on users. Review the feature details for the applicable Salesforce editions.


Enabled for Users

Requires Administrator Setup

Contact NimbleUser to Enable

Community Hub Affiliation Management

Community Hub Company Management     Pilot
Community Hub Roster Management     Pilot

Asynchronous Membership Flow Down Option



Lightning Experience Ready  

Lightning Experience


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