Get going with Nimble AMS and learn how it's always getting better.

Getting Started

As a new _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS user, there are some things you should know to make your experience productive. You can learn all the basics here, and use some of the many resources available to you to learn even more about _UserGuide_Brand_Salesforce and _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS.

The Feature Lifecycle

To help create features that best meet your needs, we often grow a feature set as it passes through three stages.

Supported Browsers

_UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS supports modern browsers and many screen sizes.

The Channels

_UserGuide_Brand_NimbleUser is proud to keep all of our customers upgraded with the best of _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS three times a year, but some customers want more than that. They can't wait to get their hands on the very latest, so we offer two channels: the Preview Channel and the Generally Available Channel.

Customer Support

Looking for help? Here are the ways that you can find answers, solve problems, and reach out.

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