Nimble AMS Setup

Staff View Setup

_UserGuide_Audience_AdministratorTitleCases can enable and customize features to enhance your _UserGuide_Audience_Staff's experience.

Community Hub Setup

_UserGuide_Audience_AdministratorTitleCases can set up _UserGuide_Product_CommunityHub to create a custom online experience for your _UserGuide_Audience_Constituents. _UserGuide_Product_CommunityHub is composed of different components which work together to shape the experience and behavior of the site. 

Query Setup

_UserGuide_Audience_AdministratorTitleCase's can use _StaffView_Query_Record_Query records to create a SOQL query that can be used to create custom logic in _UserGuide_Product_StaffView and _UserGuide_Product_CommunityHub. Each _StaffView_Query_Record_Query can return up to 50,000 results, which include desired fields on a given object, and can be ordered to suit a variety of situations.

Integration Setup

_UserGuide_Audience_AdministratorTitleCases can create _StaffView_IntegrationSetting_Record_IntegrationSettings to pass information to and from _UserGuide_Product_NimbleAMS using the _UserGuide_Audience_NimbleAMSIntegrationAPI or a _UserGuide_Audience_ThirdPartyAPI.

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