Set up Nimble AMS to work within your association's processes.

Staff View

Administrators can enable and customize features to enhance your staff's experience.

Community Hub

Administrators can set up one or more Community Hubs to create a custom online experience(s) for your constituents. A Community Hub is composed of different components which work together to shape the experience and behavior of the site. 

All Community Hub components fit on all screen sizes, orientations, and network connections ensuring your constituents can interact with your association on whatever device they want.

Additionally, custom labels are used for all component text displayed in a Community Hub, and can be reused in multiple components and Community Hubs. Custom labels that are part of a Nimble AMS package are protected from direct editing, but administrators can alter them using the Translation Workbench. Other labels, such as the custom labels you create yourself, are unprotected, and can be changed by administrators in the Community Hub Setup app.


Administrator's can use query records to create a SOQL query that can be used to create custom logic in Staff View and Community Hub. Each query can return up to 50,000 results, which include desired fields on a given object, and can be ordered to suit a variety of situations.

Nimble Create

Nimble Create harnesses the power of SOQL to create custom reports and templates formatted to your specific needs. Using Nimble Create you can:

  • Create reports, documents, and emails that are formatted using your corporate style (fonts, logos, colors)

  • Include subreports

  • Display information from different, unrelated objects and tabs, which can otherwise be challenging to display in reports

Nimble Query

Queries let you filter your Salesforce data for specific information. With Nimble Query, you can examine your Salesforce data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to-understand formats, and use the resulting SOQL query with AppExchange apps like Nimble AMS and Salesforce customizations.

Nimble Fuse

Administrators can create integration settings to pass information to and from Nimble AMS using the Nimble Fuse API or a third-party API.

Data protection and Privacy

Learn about the guidance and tools in Nimble AMS and Salesforce that help your association comply with various data protection and privacy regulations.

Component Standards

Component standards provide guidelines for naming and configuring metadata in Staff View and Community Hub. Components include, but are not limited to, apps, fields, list views, page layouts, search layouts, as well as Community Hub components such as cards and pages.

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