Order Info Step

The order info step is the first step in the order process where you set the Bill To account for the order, the entity in which the order is being placed, and the batch this order is part of.

You'll be brought to this step after clicking New Order on an account or clicking the New button from the Order tab.

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Nimble AMS, Staff View, The Order Process, Order Info Step, Let's Get Started Dialog Box

Starting an Order

Staff can use the "Let's Get Started" dialog box to set key fields on an order:

Bill To—This is the account that is financially responsible for this order.

  • If you start from an account and click New Order, the Bill To is preset with that account.
  • If you start from the Order tab and click New, the field is blank and you must populate it.

Order Entity—This is the entity in which the order is being placed.

  • If your association has set up more than one entity and you have set up entity crossovers, your orders can have products from more than one entity.

Batch—This is the batch that the order is placed into and it defaults to Automatic.

  • If an open automatic batch does not already exist, Nimble AMScreates one. Any subsequent orders entered on the same day with the automatic batch selected use the same batch.
  • You can select manual batches with an Open status and that belong to the selected entity.

Transaction Date—This is the date that is used on the order and the transactions and it defaults to today's date.

  • If you select a manual batch that has a different date, the date changes to the batch's Transaction Date.

Staff can then select an order type from the selected entity to start the order.

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Nimble AMS, Staff View, The Order Process, Lets Get Started Dialog Box

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