2017-06-26_18-46-01_Past Releases

 As of Spring '17, we have released 15 major versions of Nimble AMS! Three times a year, we rollout brand new features and improvements to all customers. We are proud to continuously improve Nimble AMS. Here is a summary of the last three releases!

Winter '17

The major features of Winter '17 were: 

  • Community Hub Featured Products
  • Advanced Merchandise Product Listing
  • Appeals
  • Community Hub Donations
  • Session Level Max
  • Community Hub Setup

Read the Winter '17 Delivered Notes!

Summer '16

The major features of Summer '16 were: 

  • Cancel and Edit Registrations
  • My Orders for Company
  • Bill Me
  • Authorized Email Domains
  • Social Sign On

Read the Summer '16 Delivered Notes! 

Spring '16

The major features of Spring '16 were: 

  • Express Registration
  • Point and Click Data Sources
  • Record Types for Account Creation
  • My Components Page
  • Donations with Accrual Membership
  • Bulk Batch Posting
  • Cash Billing

Read the Spring '16 Delivered Notes!

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