Patch Releases

Want to see what fixes and improvements have come out for Summer '18? This page outlines what changes were made in every emergency release. We release emergency versions, also known as patches, to all customers as needed. Please watch the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand for the latest updates on when patches are released.

Nimble AMS

2018-30-07 (NU 18.9.1)

Noted! For a richer reconciliation experience, the value staff enter in the Note field on the cart record is now passed to the Authorize.Net description field. AMS-9409
 Improved Large Batch Export for Microsoft Dynamics™ GP Staff can now export batches containing more than 1000 records for use in Microsoft Dynamics™ GP. AMS-9432
 Better Experience for Payment Refunds with Errors To ensure Nimble AMS records stay in sync with records in the Payment gateway, payment refunds are now voided if any errors are encountered. AMS-9491
First Credit Card Transaction of the Day is Successful We've improved how the first credit card payment of the day is submitted so it processes without error. AMS-9518

Uniquely Identify Batches when Reconciling The Batch Reconciliation Identifier field has been added to the Batch object to address transaction issues and batch identification inaccuracies between Nimble AMS and the payment gateway. The value generated in the new Batch Reconciliation Identifier field is unique and accurate for each batch and is passed to the payment gateway. We recommend you enable use of Batch Reconciliation Identifier to enhance transaction processing and the reconciliation process between Nimble AMS and the payment gateway. Learn more.

AMS-9533, AMS-9592, AMS-9621

Community Hub

2018-30-07 (NC 16.3.1)

 Multiple Passcodes per Registration Type Staff can now assign multiple passcodes to a single registration type. You can distribute multiple passcodes to constituents which they can use to gain access to registration in Community Hub.


 Constituents are Notified When Trying to Check Out with an Expired Coupon A message now displays to constituents when trying to check out with an expired coupon. They must remove the coupon code to proceed.


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