Patch Releases

Want to see what fixes and improvements have come out for Winter '18? This page outlines what changes were made in every emergency release. We release emergency versions, also known as patches, to all customers as needed. Our process to upgrade the most affected customers first as soon as the version is certified and then patch all customers on the following Wednesday at 9pm EST. Please watch the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand for the latest updates.

Nimble AMS

09/Nov/2017 - (NU 14.3.2) 

Delivered Key

Order Tab The Order tab has been renamed so that it is no longer a developer label, but just says, "Order"


Clickjack Protection To better support ClickJack Protection enablement, the VisualForce pages displayed on the Order and Account record detail pages have been updated.


Nimble Communities

06/Nov/2017 - (NC 12.4.1) 

Delivered Key

Batches for Express Payments Previously, when Express Payment Carts were submitted in Community Hub, they retained the batch which was set on the Cart in Staff View. Now, the batch lookup value is erased prior to submission, so the order which is created upon submission utilizes the standard Community Hub Web Batch functionality.


Nimble Programs

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