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Want to see what fixes and improvements have come out for Spring '18? This page outlines what changes were made in every emergency release. We release emergency versions, also known as patches, to all customers as needed. Our process to upgrade the most affected customers first as soon as the version is certified and then patch all customers on the following Wednesday at 9pm EST. Please watch the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand for the latest updates.

Nimble AMS

12/Apr/2018 - (NU 16.3.5) 

Delivered Key

Refund Errors with Multiple Entities Refunds will not submit to the order and you will be prompted to enter a refund to the correct Entity.


03/Apr/2018 - (NU 16.3.4) 

Delivered Key

Set the Invoice Number A bug has been addressed so the CartPaymentService Class now sets the 'Invoice Number' for Payment Gateway Requests to the name of a new SelfService Batch


Insert/Update Carts The CartTriggerHandlers has been improved to better support inserting/updating more than 200 carts at once.


23/Mar/2018 - (NU 16.3.3) 

Delivered Key

Blank address on Recurring Payments Recurring payments processed through no longer fail if the address is left blank.


08/Mar/2018 - (NU 16.3.2) 

Technical Patch to fix a packaging issue

08/Feb/2018 - (NU 16.3.1) 

Delivered Key

Bulk Payment Processing Bug The logic for bulk payment capture for payment gateway requests was adjusted so that error emails are sent properly.


Nimble Communities

05/Mar/2018 - (NC 14.3.1) 

Delivered Key

Find My Account Search Updates The FindMyAccount feature was updated to search only the fields specified on the Card's field set. Additionally, optional fields will no longer be queried for blank values during the search.


Nimble Programs

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