2017-06-26_18-46-01_Patch Releases- Spring '17

Want to see what fixes and improvements have come out for Winter '17? This page outlines what changes were made in every emergency release. We release emergency versions, also known as patches, to all customers as needed. Our process to upgrade the most affected customers first as soon as the version is certified and then patch all customers on the following Wednesday at 9pm EST. Please watch the Release Readiness group in NimbleLand for the latest updates!

Nimble AMS

12/Apr/2017: NU 10.2.6/10.2.7/10.2.8

Delivered Notes
 Transaction Date To prevent outstanding Community Hub carts from being accidentally applied to batches in the past, the order process was updated to suggest a transaction date of Today when editing batch-less carts. Also, if a cart's Transaction Date is changed, it's Invoice Date will now reflect the same change
 Resiliency! To be more resilient to payment processor failures, the CreditCardPaymentCapturer job no longer deletes failed QueueProcess records, so they can be re-tried later.

30/Mar/2017: NU 10.2.4/10.2.5

Delivered Notes
Address Flowdown A Spring 17 regression issue has been addressed that caused flow down to fail due to addresses with only the default country populated no longer being considered blank.
Send the Batch ID Previously, when we switched to the multi-gateway architecture behind the scenes, the batch Id was no longer being sent to Authorize.net. Now, the batch number is being correctly assigned to the invoice field on each transaction in the Authorize.net payment gateway.

29/Feb/2017: NU 10.2.3

Delivered Notes

Customer Name In Spring 17, we introduced an issue where Customer Names were not being properly sent to Auth.net. This issue has been resolved.

Missing CSC In Spring 17, we introduced an issue with the order process throwing an error when credit card payments are missing CSC if it's not required by the entity. We have resolved this issue.

Nimble Communities

30/Mar/2017: NC 8.3.1

Delivered Notes
Roster Limit To fix an issue, a limit was added to the number of records that appear on the roster by default and when the roster is searched. For now the limit is 500 and it is not configurable.

Nimble Programs

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