2017-10-18_19-06-09_Patch Releases - Summer '17

Want to see what fixes and improvements have come out for Winter '17? This page outlines what changes were made in every emergency release. We release emergency versions, also known as patches, to all customers as needed. Our process to upgrade the most affected customers first as soon as the version is certified and then patch all customers on the following Wednesday at 9pm EST. Please watch the Release Readiness group in NimbleLand for the latest updates!

Nimble AMS

25/Jul/2017 - (NU 12.1.6) 

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Prorate Rejoins When the improved annual membership behavior is enabled, it is now possible to prorate re-joins.


End at the annual term The option has been added to have annual memberships default to ending at the end of the annual term, rather than N-months after the determined start date.


$0 Deferred Orders Resolved a defect with $0 deferred orders that are later adjusted to have a cost. Now, the adjustment order correctly associates the new income transactions to the deferred schedule.


Set the Username To facilitate the creation of accounts with specific usernames, the account trigger now uses the set username if specified during insertion. Otherwise, it continues to derive one using the first and last names.


30/Jun/2017 - (NU 12.1.3) 

Delivered Key

Order API Fields The order API was updated to ensure it was inputting the same fields and values as the cart submitter when processing adjustments. Missing fields were causing the transaction generator to previously generate transactions incorrectly. They are now being generated correctly.


Nimble Communities

29/Jul/2016 - (NC 10.2.2) 

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Dolly the Datasource To prevent extra clones, local Custom MDT records no longer open the clone view after clicking their names in CH Setup


all lower case When creating a new MDT page, Community Hub Setup no longer expects page urls to be saved in lower case.


Remove the coupon first? Products attached to coupons via Coupon Discount Links can now be removed from the cart without first removing the coupon.


Nimble Programs

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