Payment Gateways

With Nimble AMS, you can set up one or more payment gateway to processes payments for your entity(s) from credit/debit cards and stored payment methods in Community Hub and in the Staff View order process. Each payment gateway record includes the information needed for Nimble AMS to communicate to a third-party payment gateway.Nimble AMS supports Authorize.Net as a payment gateway, and can be set up in different ways depending on your needs.

Single Entity Using the Same Payment Gateway

This is common for a single entity implementation of Nimble AMS, where an association has 1 payment gateway. To do this,administrators can set up a single payment gateway with an entity payment gateway linking to your association's single entity.

Multiple Entities Using Different Payment Gateways

To receive payments on behalf of your different entities using multiple payment gateways, administrators can set up multiple payment gateways, each with an entity payment gateway linking to one of your association's entitys. This approach is recommended for multiple entities.

Multiple Entities Using the Same Payment Gateway

To receive payments on behalf of more than one entity using a single payment gateway, administrators can set up a single payment gateway with multiple entity payment gateways linking to your association's entities. This approach is not recommended, as it requires staff manually move funds from the bank account of the payment gateway to accounts for different entities.

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