Payment Options

Administrators can enable or add payment options to provide your constituents different ways to pay in Community Hub.

Credit Card

Constituents can use the credit card payment option in Community Hub to make payments using American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, or Visa®. Additionally, constituents can use debit cards that have the same logo as of one of your credit card issuers (such as MasterCard®, or Visa®) for payments and are processed like credit cards. Keep in mind that Nimble AMS does not support PIN-based debit card transactions.

Bill Me

Constituent can use the bill me payment option to purchase products in Community Hub without having to pay right away. Bill me can be set up to let constituents check out using a Pay Later - Bill Me option, where an account receivable is created for them to submit the payment at a later time. Bill me can be renamed in Community Hub, so you can call it Purchase Order, Deferred Payment, Pay Later, etc, and you can collect whatever information you desire, like a purchase order number; it's all up to how you set it up for your association. To make sure you have full control of who can use bill me, you can designate which of your constituent's individual Accounts are trusted and can checkout without paying.

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Stored Payment

You can streamline your constituent's checkout experience by letting them pay with a stored payment method in Community Hub and in Staff View. Your constituents can view and quickly add, edit, or remove their stored payment methods in Community Hub as well as use the Pay Now - Saved Payment option at checkout to place an order without reentering their payment information. You can also use the BluePay payment gateway Card Account Updater to keep stored payment method information up to date ensuring payments are coming in without hassle.

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Payment Options in Community Hub

Constituents view payment options on a few different pages in Community Hub:

  • On the My Checkout Page, constituents can check out using payment options.
  • On the Donate Now Page, constituents can make a one-time donation using payment options.
  • On the My Invoice Page, constituents can pay an outstanding invoice using payment options.

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