Payment Preferences

Administrators can set up payment preferences to support your associations business process. You can control means of payment available in Community Hub and Staff View, as well as how those payments are associated to the different entities your association manages.

Payment Methods

Administrators can add payment methods to provide your staff different ways to pay in the Staff View order process—cash, check and credit card are examples of payment methods. Administrators then create entity payment methods to define the payment methods that are available for a specific entity in the order process, along with the bank account that should be associated with that entity payment method.

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Payment Options

Administrators can enable or add payment options to provide your constituents different ways to pay in Community Hub.

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Credit Card Issuers

In Nimble AMS, credit card issuers are the credit card networks your association accepts for payment. Nimble AMS includes American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and Visa® as preset credit card issuers.

Your administrator can set up additional credit card issuers, if needed.

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Cash Prepayment

In Nimble AMS, you can receive cash prepayments from constituents to later apply to orders. In addition, pending refunds on orders may be applied to a prepayment payables GL account as a credit refund, which allows you to apply a refund from one order to another. The cash prepayments and credit refunds are recorded against a prepayment payable GL account that you set up.

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Recurring Payments


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