Standard Anonymized Fields

The list of personally identifiable data that is anonymized by default when staff anonymize an individual account.

Object Field Field API Name
Account Fax Fax
Account Name Name
Account Casual Name NU__CasualName__c
Account Ethnicity NU__Ethnicity__c
Account Facebook Account NU__FacebookAccount__c
Account Full Name Override NU__FullNameOverride__c
Account LinkedIn Account NU__LinkedInAccount__c
Account Middle Name NU__MiddleName__c
Account Other Email NU__OtherEmail__c
Account Other Fax NU__OtherFax__c
Account Person Email PersonEmail
Account Primary Location, Latitude NU__PrimaryLocation__Latitude__s
Account Primary Location, Longitude NU__PrimaryLocation__Longitude__s
Account Recovery Answer 1 NU__RecoveryAnswer1__c
Account Recovery Answer 2 NU__RecoveryAnswer2__c
Account Recovery Answer 3 NU__RecoveryAnswer3__c
Account Sandbox Enabled NU__SandboxEnabled__c
Account Twitter Account NU__TwitterAccount__c
Account Username NU__Username__c
Account Person Assistant Name PersonAssistantName
Account Person Assistant Phone PersonAssistantPhone
Account Person Birthdate PersonBirthdate
Account Person Email PersonEmail
Account Person Home Phone PersonHomePhone
Account Person Mailing Latitude PersonMailingLatitude
Account Person Mailing Longitude PersonMailingLongitude
Account Person Mailing Street PersonMailingStreet
Account Person Mobile Phone PersonMobilePhone
Account Person Other Phone PersonOtherPhone
Account Person Other Latitude PersonOtherLatitude
Account Person Other Longitude PersonOtherLongitude
Account Person Other Street PersonOtherStreet
Account Person Title PersonTitle
Account Phone Phone
Account Profile Image Revision Id NU__ProfileImageRevisionId__c
Account Shipping Latitude ShippingLatitude
Account Shipping Longitude ShippingLongitude
Account Shipping Street ShippingStreet
Account Sic Sic
Account Website Website
Contact Assistant Name AssistantName
Contact AssistantPhone AssistantPhone
Contact Birthdate Birthdate
Contact Contact Description Contact Description
Contact Email Email
Contact Fax Fax
Contact Home Phone HomePhone
Contact Mailing Latitude MailingLatitude
Contact Mailing Longitude MailingLongitude
Contact Mailing Street MailingStreet
Contact Mobile Phone MobilePhone
Contact Name Name
Contact Other Latitude OtherLatitude
Contact Other Longitude OtherLongitude
Contact Other Street OtherStreet
Contact Other Phone OtherPhone
Contact Phone Phone
Contact Photo Url PhotoUrl
Contact Title Title
Affiliation Search NU__Search__c
Cart Additional Emails NU__AdditionalEmails__c
Cart Bill To NU__BillTo__C
Cart Confirmation Email NU__ConfirmationEmail__c
Cart Invoice Email NU__InvoiceEmail__c
Cart Item Customer NU__Customer__c
Cart Item ShippingStreet NU__ShippingStreet__c
Cart Item Data NU__Data__c
Cart Item Shipping Street NU__ShippingStreet__c
Cart Item Line Data NU__Data__c
Cart Payment Credit Card Street NU__CreditCardStreet__c
Cart Payment Credit Card Street2 NU__CreditCardStreet2__c
Cart Payment Credit Card Street3 NU__CreditCardStreet3__c
Cart Payment Payer NU__Payer__c
Committee Membership Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Committee Membership Member Email NU__MemberEmail__c
Coupon Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Coupon Customer Email NU__CustomerEmail__c
Deal Bill To 2 NU__BillTo2__c
Donation Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Donationb Customer Email NU__CustomerEmail__c
Event Badge CasualName NU__CasualName__c
Event Badge First Name NU__FirstName__c
Event Badge Last Name NU__LastName__c
Event Badge Middle Name NU__MiddleName__c
Event Badge Professional Title NU__ProfessionalTitle__c
External Payment Profile Account NU__Account__c
Membership Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Membership Customer Email NU__CustomerEmail__c
Membership Primary Contact Email NU__PrimaryContactEmail__c
Membership Primary Contact Name NU__PrimaryContactName__c
Merchandise Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Merchandise Customer Email NU__CustomerEmail__c
Miscellaneous Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Miscellaneous Customer Email NU__CustomerEmail__c
Order Additional Email NU__AdditionalEmail__c
Order Additional Emails NU__AdditionalEmails__c
Order Confirmation Email NU__ConfirmationEmail__c
Payment Payer NU__Payer__c
Person Account Data First Name NU__FirstName__c
Person Account Data Mailing Street NU__MailingStreet__c
Person Account Data Other Street NU__OtherStreet__c
Person Account Data Title NU__Title__C
Registration 2 Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Registration 2 Registrant Email NU__RegistrantEmail__c
Registration Account NU__Account__c
Registration Registrant Email NU__RegistrantEmail__c
Schedule Account NU__Account__c
Social Login Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Subscription External ID NU__ExternalID__c
Subscription Account 2 NU__Account2__c
Subscription Customer Email NU__CustomerEmail__c
Waitlist Account NU__Account__c
Waitlist Waitlisted By NU__WaitlistedBy__c
Program Account PROG__Account__c
User About Me AboutMe
User Community Nickname CommunityNickname
User Email Email
User Full Photo Url FullPhotoUrl
User Latitude Latitude
User Longitude Longitude
User Mobile Phone MobilePhone
User Name Name
User Phone Phone
User Sender Email SenderEmail
User Sender Name SenderName
User Signature Signature
User Street Street
User Username Username
Individual Birthdate Birthdate
Individual First Name FirstName
Individual Last Name LastName
Individual Name Name

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