2018-06-20_13-56-04_Stored Payment Methods - Summer '17

BetaBeta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new features have been thoroughly tested but may still have some bugs. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

You want to make the e-commerce process for your constituents as easy as possible, plain and simple! Removing barriers to a purchase or the checkout process help move that goal forward. The Stored Payment Methods feature takes that to heart. Your constituents can now checkout quickly in Community Hub by simply selecting one of the stored payment methods they have on their account. Gone are the days of having to re-enter credit card information for every purchase in Community Hub. Using the Credit Card stored payment type, constituents can now store and manage their various credit card payment methods on the new My Payment Methods page in Community Hub. These stored payment methods now appear on the Community Hub checkout page along with the other payment types, such as entering a new credit card, eCheck, or Bill Me (if all of these payment methods are enabled).

In addition, staff can not only use constituent's stored payment methods in the Staff View order process, they can also view the stored payment methods on an account and with additional permissions, add, edit, or delete them as well.

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How Do I Enable It?

  • Prerequisite: this feature uses Custom Metadata types, which NimbleUser Support can enable in your org.
  • Run through the enablement steps.

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