Tax and Shipping Step

The Tax and Shipping step is the part of the order process seen only when you have a cart item(s) containing taxable or shippable merchandise products. Each cart item with taxable or shippable merchandise products displays the combined weight, shipping cost, tax rate with cost and you can choose and update the sales tax and ship method options for each.

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If you have multiple cart items containing taxable or shippable merchandise products, like in the case where you are ordering merchandise sold by your association and foundation, you can click to edit the sales tax and ship method options for each cart item individually.

Editing Tax

Staff can use the "How do you want to tax?" dialog box to override the Sales Tax Name for the sales tax used for the order item. Staff can also select Tax Exempt to exempt the order item from all sales taxes. The tax for a product calculates when the product is added to the cart and the Order Summary area displays the sales tax in the  Tax & Shipping  field. 

For merchandise product types, theconstituent's Shipping Address is used to calculate the sales tax. If theconstituent does not have a Shipping Address, the constituent'sBilling Address is used to calculate the sales tax. 

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The sales tax selected in the "How do you want to tax?" dialog box must be one associated with the same entity as the product(s) in the order item.

Editing Shipping

The "How do you want to ship?" dialog box displays the Shipping Address of the Bill To account for the order, the total price of the order item, and the combined weight of all the merchandise products in the order item.
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Selecting the Shipping Method

You can enter the ship method you'd like to use for the order item, or click Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, Lookup to view and select ship methods you've recently used or search for more.

When choosing a shipping method, you must choose one associated to the same entity as the merchandise product(s) in the order item.

Once a ship method is added, you can adjust the shipping cost manually so you can give discounts, or increase the cost if need be.

Selecting the Shipping Address

By default, the Shipping Addressof the Bill To account is selected but you can click you use their Billing AddressMailing Address, or Other Address if they are populated on the account record.

If you clicked to use another address but then changed your mind, you can click to use the Shipping Address again.

You can also enter another address manually by typing it into the address fields.

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Finally, you can Save your selections or Cancel to discard them.

Reviewing the Account

If you would like to view more information about the customer for each cart item, you can hover over their name to see some record detail or click to browse to the record for more information.

When you click Go To Payment, you will be taken to the Payment step.

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