The Order Process in Staff View

Within the order process, staff can progress through a multiple step process where they select one or more product(s) which are added to a cart. Throughout the process, staff can select related options for the type of product—like shipping and tax options for merchandise—and apply payment. When the process is complete, the cart is submitted and turned into an order which can later be edited or cancelled.

Order Info

The Order Info step is the first step in the order process where you set the Bill To account for the cart, the entity in which the cart is being created, and the batch of which this cart is part.

You will be brought to this step after clicking New Order on an account or clicking the New button from the Order tab.

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Add Items

The Add Items step of the order process is where you select the products you want to include in the cart item. You will be brought to this step each time you choose to add a cart item to the cart.

You will see a different page in this step depending on what type of cart item you are adding to the cart.

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Verify Cart

The Verify Cart step of the order process is where you review the cart item(s) in the cart. To update products that need to be updated, you can click to edit or delete them. You will be brought to this step after adding each cart item to the cart.

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Tax and Shipping

The Tax and Shipping step is the part of the order process seen only when you have a cart item(s) containing taxable or shippable merchandise products. Each cart item with taxable or shippable merchandise products displays the combined weight, shipping cost, tax rate with cost and you can choose and update the sales tax and ship method options for each.

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The Payment step of the order process is where staff enter purchase order and invoice information, select the products in the cart to pay for, choose a payment method, modify any payments, and submit the cart.

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