App Builder Solutions

App Builder Solutions is a feature that offers a solution for making payments for carts, orders and pro forma orders using Flows (external). It allows the staff users to create their own payment process based on their Association’s business requirements. The payment can be made by using Credit Cards.

Let’s say, your process requires a member to join, creating a membership cart and paying for it by using a Credit Card. To customize the member joining behavior, sometimes App Builders build a custom user interaction. App Builder Solutions has flow-supported Payment LWCs which provide an ability for App builders to customize payment flow for carts, orders, and pro forma. 

The App Builder can arrange the following LWCs, to customize the flow for the payment process:

  1. Order Summary - The staff users can use this LWC in the flow to display the summary of products in the carts, orders, and pro forma orders before making the payment.
  2. Payment - The staff users can use this LWC in the flow to provide payment for orders or carts and order confirmation. 

  3. Order Confirmation - The staff users can see the payment confirmation after making the payment. On the payment LWC, they can select or deselect order summary display on this component. If Show Order Summary is set as True, then once they make the payment they will see order confirmation component which includes payment confirmation and order summary.


  • Reduces implementation time: A quicker set up to build the payment solutions to be used in flow, leads to less wait times for you.
  • Allows Payments for Orders or Carts using flows: Although Community Hub offers various screen flows and auto-launched flows for customized solutions, the payment requirements are not served to optimum potential. App Builder Solutions allows the payment for carts, orders, and pro forma orders using flows.
  • Caters to unique business requirements: Using LWCs, the staff users can customize the flow to make the membership payment, depending on their association's business needs.

How to get started

Please note this feature is in Pilot. For more information on enabling the feature please reach out to our Customer Success Team through a support case