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Make a Lightning Store

Nimble AMS introduces the ability to create a state-of-the-art e-commerce store using Lightning Web Components for an improved user experience and more flexibility on how associations can sell their products.

Built using new Lightning Web Component (LWC) technology Nimble AMS customers are now able to use the power of Community Builder (external) to easily design an experience for members to find, configure and purchase products. Theming and RichText capabilities mean even more customization for your community.

The user experience has been improved to take more advantage of desktop screen space to show more products, while still preserving the mobile and tablet experiences. And new capabilities allow selling other product types through the store interface with custom DataSources. Contact your Customer Success representative for more information.

What is Community Builder?

Community Builder and community templates for self-service let you create, brand, and publish a custom community that looks great on any device! Choose a template to quickly start your community, and then style the pages to match your company’s branding.


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Community Builder Interface

Training needed

Please go through the Trailhead Learning for Community Builder (external) and read the Community Builder Overview (external) and Product Variants documentation before attempting to create a Lightning Store using the Product Grid and Product Details LWC components.

We recommend that you review the documentation for the new Lightning Web Component Library.

This feature is in Pilot

Please note this feature is in Pilot. To enable this feature submit a PoP request through the Customer Success Team.

Create a Store using Product Grid, Product Details and Product Filter components

Association administrators can create an online store using Drag and Drop functionality in Community Builder. Combining the Product Grid and Product Details components will enable a customer workflow for browsing products, making selections, and purchases.

Product Grid - Displays the products in your store.

Product Details - Displays specific details about the selected product. 

Product Filter Displays the available category filters for the product grid on the same page. It works with the product grid LWC, and cannot be on its own.

There will be a default DataSource provided in managed versions of Nimble AMS for basic store functionality. To extend functionality and create a custom store please contact your Customer Success representative.


  • Please ensure you are logged in to Community Hub.
  • Create a community workspace.
  • Map profiles and permissions for the community in Nimble AMS Setup or Community Builder Setup Administration.
  • You will need a Community Hub Cart so products can be checked out.
  • Ensure you have at least 1 product in your organization that you can populate in the store. You can easily change this later on, update or replace it. This is to allow you to see in real time the product grid functionality.

Permission Sets and Profiles

Uncheck Welcome Email Box

Please uncheck 'Send Welcome Emails' on the Emails tab from Administration before setting permissions, otherwise an email will be sent out to all Community Hub Login Users. 

Permission Profiles Setup

In Community Builder, under Administration → Members you will need to select the profiles under Customer for Community Hub Login User.

Configure products to appear in the Product Grid Component (Locked)

By default, you are provided with a Data Source "Lightning Store Data Source". You will not need to modify this for a basic store.

This feature is in Pilot

Please note this feature is in Pilot. To enable this feature submit a PoP request through the Customer Success Team.