Cross-Sell functionality will provide Associations an opportunity to cross-sell more products and services to their constituents. When constituents are browsing through Community Hub to purchase a product or service, it provides an opportunity to cross-sell related products and services which might interest them.

For an example, if a constituent is purchasing the ‘Accounting Handbook for Beginners’ then there is a good chance that the person might be interested in ‘Annual Conference for Accounting Professionals’ or ‘Journal for Accountants’. This can help increase the visibility of products and services and help in increasing revenue and engagement for the Organization.

What's New?

On Community Hub:

The Cross-Sell carousel is added at various places in Community Hub to show related products. The stock implementation will include Cross-Sell carousel on the below pages:

  • Store page
  • Product Details page
  • Donate Now page
  • Upcoming Events page
  • My Checkout page
  • Order Summary page

For more information on the criteria for displaying products on each page, go to Related Links section.

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On Staff View:

The Related Records tab is added on the Product records, and if required Staff User can configure this tab on Account, Events or membership type records. The Related Records tab displays the related products and accounts according to the entered tags. The products and accounts are sorted in order from highest number of shared tags to the lowest. 

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Cross-Sell Configuration

Administrators can enable and configure the Cross-Sell feature. Learn more.

Cross-Sell Management

Staff can create and manage customizable tags on the product records, events and membership types, and include them on the account records to display the related products and accounts under the Related Records tab. The products, events, and membership types linked with the customizable tags are displayed on the carousel of Community Hub. Learn more.