Engagements - Winter '19

BetaBeta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new features have been thoroughly tested but may still have some bugs. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

There are many different ways in which constituents interact with your association; and not all engagements include financial transactions. Nimble AMS is encouraging associations to track and manage these engagements. Some of the engagement types we've included by default are Event Speaker, Moderator, Content Creator/Editor, Volunteer, and a constituent providing testimony. Your association can create additional types to track other types of engagements with your constituents. This feature set will assist your association to improve engagement management thus helping to increase overall engagement of your constituents.

What's New?

  • The Engagement object has been added so you can track and manage your constituents' involvement with your association. Learn more about Engagements.

  • The My Engagements PageManage Engagement Page, and View Engagement Page have been added to Community Hub so constituents can view and manage their engagements.

  • The Account, Event and Product objects have been updated so they can relate to an Engagement record.

  • New reports have been added in the new Engagements (Nimble AMS) folder:

    Name Description
    All Engagements

    All engagements created to date.

    All Engagements by Application Status

    All engagements created to date grouped by application status.

    All Engagements by Record Type

    All engagements created to date grouped by record type.

    All Engagements by Status

    All engagements created to date grouped by status.

How Do I Enable It?

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