Event Logistics - Summer '18

BetaBeta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new features have been thoroughly tested but may still have some bugs. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

Good logistics management is crucial to any successful function. With so many moving parts from audiovisual needs, to speaker handouts, to food and beverage service, it is essential that staff be able to keep track and deliver what is needed. As part of the Summer '18 release, logistics functionality delivers a streamlined setup process to track logistics across multiple events, sessions and exhibits. A list of commonly used logistic categories and items is included and your administrator can define additional categories and items as needed. Each logistic item leverages Salesforce Chatter, activities and timeline functionality. Detailed logistic reporting empowers staff, allowing them to quickly access logistic requirements for each room or the function overall as well as provide accurate, up to the minute printouts for staff and volunteers.

What's New?

  • The Room object has been added so you can Create a Room to track room capacity, description, and contact information at a venue.
  • The Logistic object has been added so you can Create a Logistic to manage the resources needed in the room at any given time. The new object includes several new list views so you can quickly review and update logistic information.
  • Create activities for your rooms and logistics to track specific tasks that must be completed and specific planning events that must take place. Learn more about Activities (external).
  • Permission sets have been added so you have control over who can view and update logistics and rooms. Learn more.
  • The Logistic and Room tabs have been added to the Events app so those with permissions can quickly access records.
  • The Logistics related list can be added to Event and Registration Product page layouts and to custom record pages for quick navigation to related logistics.
  • Quickly report on your rooms and logistics by creating new reports:

    Name Description Filter By Group By Sort By Fields to Include

     All Room Logistics by Room

    All room logistics created to date grouped by room.

    Record Type = room



    Logistic Id, Event, Product, Start Time, End Time, Setup Duration, Breakdown Duration, Monitor Name, Monitor Email, Monitor Phone, Owner Name

    All Logistics by Event All logistics created to date grouped by event.

    Event not equal to [blank]



    Logistic Id, Record Type, Room, Item, Quantity, Total Cost, Owner Name

    All Logistics by Product All logistics created to date grouped by product.

    Product not equal to [blank]



    Logistic Id, Record Type, Room, Item, Quantity, Total Cost, Owner Name

How Do I Enable It?

Things to Keep in Mind

  • To fit your business process, you can use the Logistic object in conjunction with objects other than the Event and Product objects. As an example, you could relate the Logistic object to the Committee object to track logistics specific to each committee. You can also create custom page layouts on the Logistic to create a unique experience for your staff.
  • Nimble AMS events are used to set up and manage simple and complex meetings. Though similarly named, the "event" type of activity is a simple calendar event tracked within the Salesforce calendar. Both are useful tools for your association; use them well.

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