Administrators and Staff can track exhibitors and exhibits for events through use of the Products and the Exhibitor object.

The Exhibitor object is an additional feature that may not be enabled in your environment. If you are interested in, please reach out to Nimble AMS support for assistance. 

At this time, Exhibitor Products require a connected event. Purchases made using exhibitor products that do not contain a linked event will cause a large number of issues, including but not limited to incorrect/unhealthy batches and missing transaction records

Exhibitor Configuration

Exhibitor Product Records, like Merchandise or Subscription Product Records, are created through the Product tab. You can learn more about this process on the Product Configuration Page.

Exhibitor Management

Staff can update current or historical exhibitor records, and (with the right permissions) can easily create new exhibit products by selecting the "Exhibitor" record type when creating new records from the Products tab.