Fixes and Improvements

We are excited to share the Nimble AMS Winter '19 release with our users. There are many features and improvements you've been asking for that we are excited to share. Any item with a 💡 was suggested by a user. Thank you for your feedback and ideas.

This list outlines changes made in the Nimble AMS Winter '19 release and in the following emergency/patch releases. We release emergency versions, also known as patches, to all customers as needed. Please join the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand for the latest updates on when patches are released.

Staff View

2018-10-17, (NU 20.5.0)

Find Help Faster

When we reimagined Nimble AMS Help, you told us that the most important thing was that information should be easy to find. With the Winter '19 release, Nimble AMS Help has been optimized for searching, skimming, and diving deeper.

  • Find more relevant search results using the search box. That one; up there! ⬆️
  • Skim content faster with our updated site theme and improved navigation structure.
  • Dig deeper into the content you care about on improved pages, like Nimble AMS Help, Release Information, and the Payment Step.

Refactored Transaction Generation for Everyone

A year ago, we refactored the part of Nimble AMS that generates transactions when orders are submitted. Because transactions are so important, we've been doing a ton of testing and have enabled the improvements for select customers who have worked with us to ensure the improvements are production ready. With this release, we're enabling these improvements for everyone.

💡Merging Person Accounts with Names Containing Apostrophes

The Person Account merge process has been updated to support names containing apostrophes. Learn more about how to Merge Person Accounts. AMS-9796

💡Manually Override the Member and Lapsed On fields

You can now update the Member Override or Lapsed On Override fields on an account to manually update the values in Member and Lapsed. This can be helpful if you've configured a process to determine membership terms, or if you want staff to be able to quickly change a status. Learn more about the membership status on an account. AMS-9680

Transition to BluePay with Ease

We announced BluePay as the default payment gateway on Nimble AMS in the Summer '18 release. This new payment gateway option provides an extensive collection of out-of-the-box features that drive efficiency based on how you run your organization, provides the expected assurance of payments protected by industry-leading security, and the unmatched value the combined powers of Community Brands and BluePay can deliver. The experience is seamless, with technology that is a natural part of Nimble AMS and the convenience of working with a world class payment gateway. The BluePay payment gateway supports all payment processing functionality found today in Nimble AMS as well as new features like Level 2 and 3 credit card processing and automatic account updating for credit card stored payments. We've now added features that make the transition to BluePay from your current payment gateway as easy as possible. Learn more about the BluePay payment gateway and how to Transition to BluePay from Authorize.Net. AMS-9674

Active Payment Gateway Checking in the Order Process

The Staff View order process has been updated to prevent staff from paying for or refunding orders using an inactive payment gateway. This is especially useful after you've transitioned to the BluePay payment gateway as it ensures staff can't accidentally pay for or refund and order using your legacy payment gateway. Learn more about the BluePay payment gateway and how to Transition to BluePay from Authorize.Net. AMS-9743

💡Added the Event Badge Country

The Country field has been added to the Event Badge object so you can now track constituent's country with the rest of their address information. AMS-9654

💡Bulk Email Invoices, No Problem 

You can now send invoice emails for more than 100 orders at a time. AMS-9663

💡Proration Rounding Control

Added the Rounding Mode and Rounding Precision fields to the Proration Rule object so you can configure the rounding behavior and decimal place precision used for the prorated price. Learn more about Proration Rules. AMS-9651

Allow Overpayment in the Staff View Order Process

Streamline payment entry for staff using the Allow Overpayments business rule to control when overpayments can be made for an order. Learn how to Enable Order Overpayment AMS-9609

💡Improved Address and Membership Information Flow Down

You know your "big" accounts with 500 plus affiliations, and you know that making a membership or address change for those accounts can sometimes hit Salesforce limits. To ensure information flow down never slows your team, address flow down can now occur asynchronously. This way, membership and address information flow down from your "big" accounts with 500 plus affiliations happens in the background, while for smaller account it happens immediately. Learn more about Information Flow Down and Enable Asynchronous Flow Down for memberships and addresses. AMS-9591

I Dub Thee: "Prepayments!" 

To better represent all you can do with prepayment functionality in Nimble AMS, it has been renamed Prepayments. Learn more about Prepayments. AMS-9575

💡Staff View Order Process Now Respects the Event's Collect Badge Field

When an event is configured to Collect Badge, the Staff View order process no longer creates an event badge. Before, it would always create an event badge. This change does not impact Community Hub, which always respected the field. To make this change possible, the NU__Collect_Badge__c field was added to the Event object, which replaces and NC__CollectBadge__c field. Learn more and how to Enable Staff View Order Process to Use Collect Badge Field. AMS-9545

So, Is Event Badge, What Would You Say You Do Here? 

The Is Event Badge field has been relabeled to Additional Event Badge, since it determines if the product represents an additional event badge that is distinct from the registrant's event badge. AMS-9543

Evaluate Business Rules Based on Account Fields

Using the new AccountEvaluator business rule evaluation, you can designate the checkbox field(s) on an account that directly affect your business processes. Learn more about Business Rules AMS-9481

💡Improved Amount and Quantity Calculations for Imported History Records 

The Amount and Quantity fields on the Coupon, Donation, Membership, Merchandise, Miscellaneous, Registration, and Subscription objects have been improved. The Amount and Quantity  fields now calculate accurately in the rare instance that a history record is tied to an order item line and contains a value for External Amount or External Quantity. AMS-9470

Among the many membership and subscription records in your org, there may be a few which require a minor data update to ensure correct amounts and quantities are maintained. NimbleUser Support will contact you if your org is affected to share the extent of the change.

Order Process Notification When an Event Isn't Set Up

When staff select an event in the Staff View order process, an error displays if it have no related registration products. AMS-8614

💡A Strong Independent Badge

You can now manually create event badges independently of a registration. This can be handy if you have a business process where you create event badges outside the Staff View order process. Event badges in the Staff View order process and Community Hub registration process are created as usual. Enable Registration Independent Event Badge Creation. AMS-7959

Community Hub

2018-10-17, (NC 18.4.0)

💡Choose Your Own Event Social Sharing

To make Community Hub event registration more customizable, the social sharing widget has been removed from the Event Card Type, which means buttons no longer exist for constituents to share the event on social media from the Event Information Page.

Now you can use whatever social sharing widget you'd like by adding HTML to a Plain Text card or embedding it directly in your site. You can also provide no social sharing at all; whatever suits your needs. Learn more about how to add a social sharing widget, like AddThis. NC-4758

This is Not the Page You're Looking For

We've implemented a "honeypot" on the Create Account page to repel a bot's ability to create a fake account on Community Hub. Learn more about honeypots (external) NC-4718

Hi Component, Tell Me About Yourself

Learn more about each page, card type, data source, filter, button, and access control included with Nimble AMS directly in Community Hub Setup. Almost every component now includes a description of how you can use it in your constituents' experience. Learn more about Community Hub Setup. NC-4708

💡Don't Welcome Our Bot Overlords

We've added the reCAPTCHA card type so you can use a reCAPTCHA to prevent page submission from bots. Learn more about reCAPTCHA (external). NC-4701

A Component is worth 1000 Words

You can now add a description to a Community Hub component as you create it; letting your future self know what it does. This makes setting up and modifying Community Hub much easier, since you can quickly learn what a component does. Learn more about Community Hub components. NC-4646

Upload Salesforce Files from Community Hub

You can now add the Multiple File Upload card type to pages where constituents upload files from Community Hub to move to Salesforce Files. This card type is intended to be a drop in replacement for the File Attachment card type, and uploads files as Salesforce Files rather than Attachments, which have been deprecated. NC-4623

Create a Data Source that Returns the Output of a Flow

Administrators now have a third way to locate and retrieve data in Community Hub. Data sources can now use a flow to retrieve records for a particular sObject, and then pass those records to Community Hub. Learn more about how to Create a Data Source. NC-4568

Display More Contextual Information for Records

Developers can use the new Expandable List View card type to display records on one or more cards on the page. For each record, an expandable section can be used to display additional information. This is very helpful in cases where you might want to add more context for your constituents. Learn more about how the Expandable List View card type is used on the My Scheduled Payments Page and learn more about the Expandable List View Card Type. NC-4541

Create New Records Using a Data Source with a Flow

To empower your constituents in Community Hub, administrators can now create data sources they can use with flows to created records. NC-4588

Create a Data Source that Returns the Output of a Flow

Administrators now have a third way to locate and retrieve data in Community Hub using a flow. The data source passes the set sObject into the flow and returns the output of the low. NC-4568

Improved Button Arrangement Options on the Record Table Card Type

You can now display buttons on a record table card in a row by selecting Block in Location on each button. Learn more about the Record Table Card Type. NC-4492

💡No Picklist Value, No Problem

When users submit a field set form without specifying a value for a required multi-select picklist value, they receive a brief, helpful error similar to other errors. NC-4466

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