How To Order a Chapter Membership

You can create an Account Affiliation record by ordering the Chapter Membership product that is linked to the Chapter Account.


You must be using the Nimble AMS Chapter Management feature.

Create a Chapter Account

Create a Chapter account (External) by selecting the record type as Chapter.

Link the Chapter Account with the Chapter Membership Product

Above created Chapter Account can be linked with the Chapter Membership product via Membership Product Type Link.

  • Populate the Chapter field on the MTPL record with the respective Chapter Account.

Expected Result

Once the order has been successfully placed for the Chapter Membership, Account Affiliation record will only be created if the Chapter Account is linked with the Chapter Membership product via MTPL.

Order a Chapter Membership

To order a chapter membership follow the order process. While selecting items in the order, select the Primary Association Membership product from the Membership Products section and the Chapter Membership product from the Other Products section.

Expected Result

Account Affiliation record is generated and linked with the Chapter Membership product's Order Item Line .