Installment Payments

Pilot Installment Payments is currently in pilot. Learn more.

Constituents and staff can schedule a payment for an order to be made in installments over time. Installment payments help increase revenue by breaking a cost into smaller monthly payments. Smaller payments over a period of time is more accessible to constituents.

How Do They work?

Installment Payments are determined using payment frequency records and then by creating multiple scheduled payments.


First, staff or an administrator create one or more payment frequency records, which represent a standard installment plans you offer constituents. A payment frequency defines the occurrence, length, and number of scheduled payments to create.


When paying for a cart in installments, staff select a payment frequency and customize the scheduled payments if needed. This creates a schedule record with multiple related schedule line records.

The schedule relates to different records, representing the constituent's installment plan:

  • The constituent's account
  • The payment frequency used to determine the occurrence, length, and number of scheduled payments
  • The schedule line records for the scheduled payments to be made in the future.
  • The stored payment method to be used when making the payments.

A scheduled job runs automatically—typically nightly—to make the scheduled payments. Learn more about Payment Processing.

When the first scheduled payment is made, Nimble AMS converts the cart to an order. Accounting transactions are created for all payments as well.


Staff manage installment payment permissions using the same permission sets for Scheduled Payments.

Business Rule

To match your associations business process, you can control whether staff and constituents can schedule payments by creating evaluations for the following business rule:

Business Rule Description
Allow Community Installment Payments Whether the current Community Hub user can schedule installment payments.

Learn more about Business Rules.

Manage Installment Payments

Staff manage installment payments the same way they manage Scheduled Payments. Staff can:

  • Pay in installments
  • View a Constituent's Upcoming Installment Payments
  • View the Health of Scheduled Installment Payments
  • Pay Scheduled Installment Payments Immediately
  • Edit Scheduled Installments Payments
  • Cancel Scheduled Installment Payments

Create an Installment Frequency

Staff can define the standard installment plans offered—the occurrence, length, and number of installments—with frequencies.

User Permissions Needed

Nimble AMS Schedule Create & Modify All permission set.

  1. In the tab bar, click  App Launcher, or in Salesforce Classic, click  Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, All Tabs
  2. Click Frequencies.
  3. Click New.

    When creating an installment plan to use in Community Hub, ensure Frequency Name is easily read and understood by constituent and that Community Hub Enabled is selected.

    In Unit, if you don't see the unit you want to use, speak with your administrator about adding it to the list. Learn more about how to Add or Edit Picklist Values (external).

Community Hub

Constituents can create and manage scheduled installment payments on the same Community Hub pages as Scheduled Payments.

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