Installment Payments - Winter '19

Pilot Pilot — New feature available to a limited set of customers who are closely monitored. Potential Pilot customers are identified early in the process. The purpose of a pilot feature is to gather feedback and data on product functionality, scalability, performance, and usability, which influences the direction, continued development, or roll out of the feature.

Associations are always looking to make it easier for their constituents to buy their membership and product offerings. One way Nimble AMS is making it easier for your constituents to buy membership and products from you through installments as a payment option. In Staff View, staff can process orders and carts by applying an installment plan for a constituent. In Community Hub, constituents can place orders and use installment as a payment option on the eligible products/orders. This set of features provides payment flexibility to your constituents thus increasing their likelihood to proceed with their purchase. Your association can certainly expect increase in revenue with the usage of installment payments.

What's New?

New Way to Pay

  • Constituent s and staff can schedule a payment for an order to be made in installments over time. Installment payments help increase revenue by breaking a cost into smaller monthly payments. Smaller payments over a period of time is more accessible to constituents. Learn more about Installment Payments.

Staff View Enhancements

  • The Payment step of the Staff View order process has been improved with a new option to pay using installment payments. Learn more about scheduling payments on the Payment Step.
  • When staff try to delete a stored payment method related to a scheduled payment that hasn’t been processed, they are now prompted to update the installment payment with a different stored payment method and try again. Learn more about how to Delete a Stored Payment Method.

Community Hub Enhancements

Permissions and Customization

  • The Nimble AMS Schedule View All and Nimble AMS Schedule Create & Modify All permission sets have been added so you can control which staff can view and update installment payments.

  • New business rules have been added so you can control what types of payments staff and constituents can schedule using evaluations. Learn more about Business Rules.
  • Processes and email templates have been added which send email notifications to constituents at different points in the installment payment process. Learn more.
  • The Scheduled Payments flow has been added so administrators can display recent or upcoming installment payments with a particular status to staff on a constituent's account pages. Learn more.

Architecture and Automations

  • The Process Scheduled Payments scheduled job has been added which runs daily to process payments. To simplify reconciliation, you can also limit the number of carts to process before a new automatic batch is created by the job. Learn more about Payment Processing.
  • The Schedule object has been added with a Payment record type to represent a a single scheduled payment or a schedule of payments to make over a period of time. These payments could have already occurred or may occur in the future.
  • The Schedule Line object has been added, and the Schedule Line field has been added to the Payment object, to relate a Schedule to each installment payment made or to make in the future, or even those that have failed. Depending on the type of payment, a Schedule can have multiple related Schedule Lines.
  • The Frequency object has been added to represent the length of time and unit of time—like day, week, month. This object can be used for all sorts of tasks involving performing an action at a defined time. For instance, it is used here to control when a schedule should run.

How Do I Enable It?

  • Prerequisites:
  • Contact Nimble AMS Support to find out how you can enroll in this pilot feature.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • When constituents pay using an installment plan for an order with an outstanding balance on the My Orders Page in Community Hub, they can no longer edit that order. This means constituents cannot adjust the amount of a donation in the order. To adjust the donation amount, constituents must first cancel the installment plan on the My Scheduled Payments Page.
  • If you've previously enabled bill me in your org, and Trusted is selected on some constituents' accounts—by default—those same constituents will also be able to pay in Community Hub using installment payments. Learn more about Bill Me and how to configure trusted accounts.

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